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What Gets Measured Gets Done — Productivity Tracking in the Workplace


Accountability through transparency.

It takes a great team to make a business tick to its maximum potential – and if one particular wing of the company isn’t performing up to par, it’s the entire company that will suffer, which will absolutely be reflected in the bottom line.

In a manufacturing environment, you’re being relied on to produce products quickly without sacrificing quality. After all, when it comes to product development, time to market is crucial these days and the manufacturing step of the development cycle is the final, yet arguably the most important, part of promptly getting the product out the door and to the end user.

So how can you ensure that each aspect of your manufacturing sector is working as efficiently as it should be? By making employees accountable and by making your operations more transparent. This can be accomplished with a Production Scoreboard Whiteboard System to track product yields and ensure that goals are being met in the facility.


Production Efficiency-Tracker boards not only analyze your operations and help to diagnose issues, but they just as importantly can be seen by all to hold everyone accountable. Because when everyone is performing to their maximum potential and the company performs better, it’s everyone who wins.

“Production Efficiency-Tracker boards have helped us increase our productivity by 10% since we started using them,” says a Rome, Georgia-based Continuous Improvement Manager for a Baked Goods Manufacturer. “People need feedback. With these boards, they can actually see the score of the game. If they don’t, they can only guess. Every minute is worth X number of cases in our production. When they fall short, they need to document the reasons.”

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of these production status board systems:

  • Field-Proven to increased productivity
  • Production-Efficiency tracking capability.
  • See short- (i.e. hourly) and long-term trends (i.e. weekly, monthly).
  • Ability to easily analyze areas where corrective action is necessary.
  • Ability to easily diagnose any production issues.
  • Designed to last for a lifetime of daily use and built to sustain the elements of extreme manufacturing environments
  • Include magnetic status signals, magnets, document holders, dry erase pens and more to help track your operations and maximize productivity

And just because it’s worth repeating again, these production boards are also valuable because they can be seen by everyone involved in the full day cycle, which is an even greater motivation to ensure that everyone’s part is being done as to not let down the rest of the team.

So if your facility is continually failing to reach its product runs on time, it’s time to look internally and really get to the root of the problem. That’s where a Production Efficiency-Tracker board can pay big dividends, as you – and all of your staff – can see where your operations are deadpanning and take the necessary measures to correct it.

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Not Just For The Office – The Benefits of a Whiteboard at Home

WWMcover4 (1)

We have gone into great detail on here in the past about the many benefits there are to having whiteboards around the office. With all types of whiteboards, there are plenty of positive effects that they can have on your working environment. However, whiteboards aren’t just useful for the office: They’re also great to have inside the home. Personally, my family and I have benefited from having whiteboards in our home in more ways than one.

For our family, staying organized and keeping everything in order is of the utmost importance. Trust me, if you’re more organized, life is much more enjoyable. With that said, here are some ways that you can benefit from having whiteboards around your home.

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Benefits of Kanban Card Board Systems In the Workplace


Just in Time (JIT), Continuous Improvement (CI) and Six Sigma are all systems that improve manufacturing quality and cut inventory costs. While there are loads of computer systems that are compatible with how these systems work, for inventory control, many companies prefer much simpler, manual whiteboard and card holder systems known as a Kanban system. Even large plants that could implement complicated electronic systems are opting to implement simpler Kanban Card Board Systems because they are easier to setup and use.

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Whiteboards in the Workplace: Lean Manufacturing


Whiteboards in the Workplace: Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing has helped companies make major strides in productivity and efficiency by eliminating non-value added steps and streamlining business and production processes. Removing wasted time and effort in your operations can improve profits considerably.

Moving the heart of your decision making from the office to factory floor can reap several rewards. Sharing information with employees involved with day to day operations empowers them to make a difference.

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How To Finance Your Start-Up Business

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On our blog, we’ve taken a look at many different aspects of business, including business meetings, business planning, and much more. There’s a lot that goes into any business, but one type of business that has been taking more shape over the past several years is start-up businesses, which are becoming much more relevant in the digital age that we’re living in today. However, with most start-up businesses, there’s typically one glaring problem.

How do you finance it? It’s a start-up.

There’s no need to worry because there are plenty of ways to finance your start-up business, and I’m here to share a few of them with you. It might be tough, as there are an estimated 27.5 million small businesses in the United States alone, but it can be done.

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How Workplace Environment Can Affect Productivity

Credit: Hugo Chisholm (Flickr)

Credit: Hugo Chisholm (Flickr)

How do you like your work environment? Believe it or not, the atmosphere of your workplace can have a large effect on your productivity on the job, for better or worse. You need to be comfortable with your surroundings because when you are, great things can come from it. With your work environment being more inviting and upbeat, you will be able to take your positivity and direct it to focusing on completing the tasks at hand. On the other hand, if your workplace environment is poor, it can be tough to get motivated and get things done.

Simply put, if you’re not happy, it’s difficult to become motivated. Early in my career, I worked with a company that had a dark and dreary feel to it. There was barely anything on the walls, it was literally dark at times, and even the coffee wasn’t great. All of this and more led to it being a work environment that simply wasn’t motivating. It’s tough to be productive if you aren’t motivated.

Here are some ways that your workplace environment can have an effect on your productivity.

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5 Ways Whiteboards Improve Time Management In The Office

365-Day Calendar

365-Day Calendar

In an office setting, it’s important to manage your time efficiently and effectively. Face it, things can get stressful, so you need to have a grasp on everything and manage your time well. We have all experienced it first-hand, and in an office setting, where there are meetings and projects happening all the time, it can be more vital than ever before.

Over the years, I’ve found great ways to manage time better. Not only that, but I’ve found that by managing my time better and being more organized, I don’t experience as much stress as I used to. Stress can be frequent in the office, too, so stopping it is something to really put some care into. Did you know that whiteboards can help?

Time management is of the essence in any office setting, and here are five ways that having a whiteboard around can help.

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Setting the right kind of manufacturing goals


By having goals, you ensure that any process, especially in manufacturing, runs soundly and effectively. Also, it’s important to remember that all of this is a team effort, so keep that in mind. Be sure to map out a plan and your goals, analyze them, and communicate them all with your team. Here are some of the various types of goals that you should have in regards to the manufacturing floor at your company.

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Top Ways to Utilize A Whiteboard for a Presentation


projection-on-wwm1If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, then you’re completely aware of the many different creative and unique ways that you can use a whiteboard. Whether it’s for a calendar, planning for both the short term and long term, keeping motivational quotes on, or even just using it for artistic reasons, a whiteboard is great to have. Not only that, but one of the biggest benefits of having a whiteboard is that you can utilize it to its fullest extent for your next presentation.

We’ve all sat in on meetings at the office where a presentation or training session was given, and it was done as the standard PowerPoint presentation that we’ve all grown accustomed to. While these can be great in some situations, they have grown tired and can be pretty dry in most instances. By constructing a unique and creative presentation with a whiteboard, you’ll be able to keep the attention of your audience without them losing interest and focus.

Here are a couple of great ways to utilize a whiteboard for your next presentation, both ways that I’ve had success with in the past. Give them a try!

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Tips for Planning A Successful Business Meeting

blog image2

Photo by: Maryland GovPics (Flickr)

If you work in an office, meetings are likely second nature to you. They can happen quite often, but we have all come out of some meetings in a mild state of confusion. In other words, we can leave a meeting wondering what was accomplished, or even what we could take away from it. In most cases, this happens as a result of poor planning for the meeting itself.

When planning a meeting, there is a lot to take into consideration. You want the meeting you’re organizing to have meaning, and result in your colleagues taking away something positive from it. Luckily, I’ve had plenty of experience myself planning business meetings over the years, and while there were bumps in the road over time, practice makes perfect!

Here are some tips for planning a successful business meeting.

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