Admissions and Bed Census Magnetic Hospital Whiteboard Kits

#HXBCEnlargeAdmissions and Bed Census Control ™
Admissions and Bed Census Control

7 sizes for 32 to 600 beds.

#SBEVideoEnlargeHospital Patient Bedside framed boards
Hospital Patient Bedside Magnetic Whiteboards

Printed with your design. 10 Sizes from 1x1' to 3x3'

#RCVideoEnlargeRotoCube ® Rotating Bulletin Towers
RotoCube® 19" Magnetic
Bulletin Towers display 24 sq. ft.

No walls nearby? Try these right in the traffic stream

#GWVideoEnlargeGiantMonth ® Calendar
GiantMonth® 31 day Magnetic Planning Calendar

with room to post a good day's activities. 3 Sizes

#CPZVideoEnlargeCustom-Printed Magnetic Whiteboards
Custom-Printed Steel Whiteboards and MagnaMaps®

Your design heat-fused printed into MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel surface. Up to 4x12' boards & larger in sections.

#CJKVideoEnlargeMagnetic Document Display ChartJackets ®
Transparent Magnetic Display ChartJackets®

Neatly display and change protected papers. 3 Sizes

#HXAOEnlargePlanned Admissions

3'h x 2'w for 28 patients.

Columns across read (L-R):

#HXAEEnlargeAdmissions LineUp ™
Admissions LineUp

2x3' for 19 patients

Columns across read (L-R):
RM., PATIENT (with check-off subcolumn), ADM. DAY, ADM. DATE, SPECIAL ORDERS, ATTENDING PHYSICIAN, CONSULTATIONS, Blank (for complaint).