Sales Motivational Board Systems for Auto Dealers

These boards will keep your sales team members enthusiastically competing each day for top recognition. If one of them has a bad sales day the board's numbers encourage him to make the next one a winner.

#USTRVideoEnlarge31-Day Unit SalesTracker ®
31-Day Unit SalesTracker® for Auto Dealers

Salespeople post a color-coded magnet for each unit sold
each day. You see who is selling what models and how many.

#ADMSEnlargeMonth ™ Scoreboard
Sales Month Scoreboard for Auto Dealers

Post, rank and total daily sales of 24 salespeople
for a month and year-to-date.

#WWMVideoEnlargeWhiteWall ® Sales Room
WhiteWall® Sales Room

Cover your walls with magnetic dry-erase steel WhiteWall®
paneling that encourages everyone to share their ideas.

#CRMOEnlargeSales Leader Contest
Sales Motivator Leader Board for Auto Dealers

Promotes peak sales every day, recognizing your best salespeople in each category. Each salesperson can win.

#ADDTEnlarge31-Daily Goals and Actual
31-Daily Goals and Actual Sales for Auto Dealers

Track sales against goal on a double-row for each salesperson

#CRKSEnlarge52 Week Goals vs Actual
52-Week Goal and Performance Tracker®

Double line-item rows for posting goal and actual