Continuous Improvement and Corrective Action
Lean Manufacturing Boards

Use them to solicit, post, track and process improvement and corrective action ideas.

Post them where everyone involved can see them 24-7, You'll get individual and team buy-in and positive group thinking that will make your productivity flourish with continuous improvement every day. They engage the interest and energy of your work associates who really know what has to be done to improve their jobs.

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#QQMEnlargeQuality Problem Analysis
ChartView Total Quality Management Boards

with Problem Isolation Analysis. Displays quality tracking & performance charts in magnetic ChartJackets®. 3 Sizes

#CHMVideoEnlargeChartView ® Project ChartJacket ® Boards
Magnetic ChartView® Boards, 9 sizes,
with patented Magnetic ChartJackets®

Quickly display, change and transport protected
paper charts with no dog-ears, creases or wrinkles!

#RTXEnlargeProblem-Tracker ™ Corrective Action
Problem-Tracker Corrective Action Board

Keeps each problem in view as it progresses to resolution.

#CBXEnlargeCategory Box Communicator
Category-Box Bulletin Communicator

Post information by specific subjects. 4 Sizes

#AIMEnlargeMeeting Agenda Issues
Agenda-Issue Meeting-Boards 4x6'

#PJLEnlargeProject Log ™
Project Log

#CBKEnlargeCalendar-Block ™ Performance Scoreboards
Calendar-Block Visible-Year
Magnetic Topic Scoreboards

#COREnlargeCorrective Action-Tracker ™
Corrective Action-Tracker®

Post problems so everyone can see
and contribute to their solution. 3 Sizes

#HSSEnlargeHot Issues ™
Hot Issues

When you display your 20 hottest issues on this board,
they get resolved fast ...... It's as simple as that!

#CSUEnlargeChange Suggestions
Change Suggestions Board

Post suggestions while fresh, so everyone can view,
contribute and keep up-to-date with the idea flow. 3x4'

#FXNEnlargeFix-It-Now ™ Action Board
Fix-It-Now Board 3 Sizes

Display problem fixing status for all to see.

#WSYCREnlargeCompliance & Corrective Action
Work Systems Compliance & Corrective Action

Tracks 3 shifts x 7 days, up to 14 work stations. 3x4'

#DSCEnlargeDiscrepancy-Tracker ™ performance Board
Total Quality Management Discrepancy-Tracker

Keeps Material Vendor Performance Information in view 24/7 for action & follow-up

Often, discrepancy issues become chronic before they get attention if they are kept out of sight and therefore out of mind. If accuracy and performance accountability are important for evaluating your vendors, departments or specific operations, this board puts them right up front for tracking and action.
It allows for 3 correction steps with status dates.
2 Sizes3x4' (20 line items) 4x4' (30 line items)

#IVREnlargeIncident Investigation
Incident Investigation Tracker magnetic dry-erase whiteboard

Keeps workplace accident incidents in view, in mind and under control until the workplace safety issues are resolved.

Workplace safety incidents get attention when they are fresh but often move out of sight when the next incident comes along.
3'h x 4'w with 12 posting rows

#QPTDEnlargeQuality Performance-Tracker ™
Quality Performance-Tracker®

Displays quality goals and competitive performance for
each work center for the month, quarter and YTD. 3 Sizes

#PSLEnlargeProblem-Solver ™
Continuous-Improvement Problem-Solver

Post problems on this board so every team member can see them, think about them and contribute to the solution.

You'll find that problem-solution insights will often come from workers who think "outside the box", or have knowledge of the problem or a solution they haven't ventured to tell anyone. The system includes magnetic stars and symbols to facilitate management feedback.  Harness your team members' hearts and minds with this powerful tool. They know more about the problems and have more answers than you think! A little encouragement and recognition is all it takes.
2 Sizes: 1 to 4 problem posting areas.