#CC34WT , 3x4' (closed) 3' x 8' (open) ready-to-use with Magnet WakTacks® and dry-erase supplies   $1129
About our MagnaLux® Whiteboard
Surface and BoldLyne Frames

Use this handsome woodgrain laminate wall-mounted hinged-door cabinet to prepare your most confidential plans. They have two solid, piano-hinged doors that open flat to the wall.

Each cabinet has our unique MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel whiteboard center panel (in plain, printed, your choice of over 400 of our different printed board systems or your custom-printed whiteboard built-in). They can also be ordered with optional magnetic whiteboard door interiors that double your working space and include our patented transparent Grip-A-Sheet® document holding bar.

Cabinet doors open and close easily and include magnetic door catches and positive key lock.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right board kit for your requirement, Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. We ship in 3 business days or less. Our 48th year.

Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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The ConfiData® PrivatePlanner® Wall Cabinets with Key Lock
Handsome walnut laminate exterior with a plain or printed Magnetic Whiteboard System built-in and
whiteboard door interiors with document display bars or plain woodgrain door interiors.

h x w
with White Steel
Interior Doors and
2 Document Hangers
with Woodgrain
Interior Doors
without hangers
Plain White Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34WT$1129#CC34WT-XD$899
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44WT1419#CC44WT-XD1169
1" x 1" Grid Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34GS11T$1199#CC34GS11T-XD$969
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44GS11T1459#CC44GS11T-XD1209
1" x 4" Grid Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34GR14T$1199#CC34GR14T-XD$969
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44GR14T1459#CC44GR14T-XD1209
1-1/4" Rows Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34H14T$1199#CC34H14T-XD$969
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44H14T1459#CC44H14T-XD1209
4" Columns Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34COL4T$1199#CC34COL4T-XD$969
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44COL4T1459#CC44COL4T-XD1209
2 Month Calendar Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34CA2T$1199#CC34CA2T-XD$969
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44CA2T1459#CC44CA2T-XD1209
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ConfiData® Cabinet depth from wall (doors closed) = 4"

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