Class Schedules & Magnetic Scheduling Boards

Ready-to-use kits with write-on tools, chart supplies & optional magnets: everything needed to operate them.

It is extremely important for teachers and college professors to maintain information on students, grades, and every other detail of their professional lives. Those in the education field need to be organized so they can make the best use of their classroom and learning tools in order to give the best education that they can to their students. Magnatag is the leading source for magnetic scheduling boards to give teachers the assistance they need to make a difference in the quality education of their students.

In order to fit the needs of different teachers, classrooms, colleges, or other education needs, our magnetic schedule boards come in a variety of options available for you to purchase online. We have options ranging from boards that focus on specific days, which are great for managing beginning-of-the-year schedules, to larger boards that cover entire semesters or school years.

#EXSRAVideoEnlarge9 Periods Same-Day
Same-Day 9-Period School Master Schedule

Teacher / Classroom Schedule. 4 Sizes

#EXSHAEnlarge9 Periods Same-Day, Large Scale

Same-Day 9-Periods

Teacher / Classroom Schedule (large scale) 4 Sizes

#EXSEAEnlarge9 Periods Same-Day, Small Scale

Same-Day 9-Periods

Teacher / Classroom Master Schedule (condensed). 6 Sizes

#EXTCEnlarge9 Periods Same Day Teacher column format
Same-Day 9-Period (teacher column format)

Magnetic Master School Schedule. 3 Sizes

#EXTAEnlarge9 Period Trimester
9-Periods for 3 Days or Trimester Class Schedules

Magnetic Master School Schedule. 2 Sizes

#EXFBEnlarge4-Blocks Same Day
Same-Day 4-Block

Teacher / Classroom schedules 4 Sizes

#EXOAEnlarge4-Block Alternate-Day
Alternate-Day 4-Block Class Schedules

with optional AB format: 4 sizes; 31 to 172 Teachers and / or Classrooms.

#EXABEnlarge4-Blocks A-B Alternate Day
Alternate-Day 4-Block A-B

Teacher / Classroom Schedules. 4 Sizes

#EXTBEnlarge4-Block A-B Teacher column format

Alternate-Day 4-Block

(teacher column format) Class Schedules. 2 Sizes

#EXCTEnlarge7 Periods with Enrollment
Same-Day 7-Periods

Class schedules with Class Enrollments. 4 Sizes

#EXKAEnlarge8 Periods for 5 days
5-Days x 8-Periods

Teacher Class Schedules. 2 Sizes

#EXSAEnlarge10 Periods 2 Semesters or 2 Days
2-Days or Semesters,

10-Period Class Schedules. 3 Sizes

#EXTHAEnlarge13 Periods Same-Day
Same-Day 13-Periods

Teacher / classroom schedules. 5 Sizes

#EXARAEnlargeYearRound Teacher / Track Class Schedule
YearRound Teacher / Track Schedules

Magnetic Master School Schedule. 5 Sizes

#XTTBVideoEnlargeElementary School Daily Teaching Schedules
Elem. School Daily Timeline Teaching Schedules

Daily subject time schedule, special subjects and staffing assignments on three 15-minute. 7:30-4, school-day timeline scale rows. 5 Sizes

#XTOBEnlargeTeacher-Observation Weekly Year Schedule
School year Teacher Observation Schedule

Magnet colors show walkabout, drop-in & formal. 4 Sizes

#EXLAEnlargeSpecial Subject Schedules
Special Subject Schedules. 4 Sizes

#XTRIEnlargeTrimester 5-Period Class Schedules
Trimester 5-Period Class Schedules
Magnetic School maser Schedule, 4 Sizes

#EXENREnlargeStudent Enrollment & Progress Tracker
Enrollment & Progress Student Tracking

Track student or trainee progress through program or course steps and stages with color-coded magnetic signals.

10 sizes: 52 to 756 students or trainees

#EXMAEnlarge10 Periods 4 quarters or 4 days
4-Days or Quarters

10-Period Class Schedules. 2 Sizes

#EXCFUEnlarge13 Periods for 5 Days
Classroom Facility Usage

13 periods M-F + 3 Sat. 4x6'

#XSPCVideoEnlarge12-Subject Student Progress-Trackers ®
12-Subject Student Progress-Trackers®

For full color-coded overview of your school, grade
or class's student progress in up to 12 subjects.
9 Sizes; 40 to 816 students

#XSPTVideoEnlarge5 Subject E.L.A. Student Progress-Trackers ®
5 Subject E.L.A. Student Progress-Trackers®

Ideal for elementary grades: Magnet signal colors show students meeting standard, borderline, at risk or intervention status on 5 subjects. 9 Sizes: 60 to 1224 students.

#XSBDEnlargeSchool Bus Driver and Fleet StatusBoard ™
Magnetic School Bus Driver and Fleet StatusBoard

See each driver with assigned bus, absent drivers, sub-drivers, field trips with drivers, spare and out-of-service buses.

#XSBIEnlargeSchool Bus Vehicle Information Tracker ®
School transportation department activity

Daily schedule, driver status, bus maint., field trips, sub assignments, school year info and daily notes. 4 Sizes

#EXTBUEnlargeSchool Bus Trips by time
School Bus Trip Schedule by Time

See your school bus trips on 10 minute intervals
for 12 hours plus evenings and special trips

Write-on magnet strip colors to show trip type and length posted with trip data. 3 Sizes

#PVMEnlargeVehicle & Equipment Maintenance ™
Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance

Schedule by mileage or hours. 3 Sizes


If you and your educational facility are looking to cover certain aspects of your curriculum or organization, we have options to make sure everything is neat and organized. Our magnetic schedule boards work great when it's state testing time, or you are looking to track individual or classroom progress. Teachers and administration have enough papers to worry about, why add more with schedules all over the place?

Outside of classroom and semester management, for those administrative professionals we have options to manage your busy needs as well. Our magnetic schedule boards are great for bus drivers, maintenance workers, and other educational employees all working together to ensure students have the best education. Keeping track of specific routes for the bus drivers will make sure that every student gets to class early, and will make the driver's day easier. Workers in administration have more than enough on their plate and should look to magnetic scheduling boards to keep focus.

These magnetic schedule boards aren't just for those in education! Our available products work great in other professional environments as well. You can take advantage of these well-organized boards to ensure your day-to-day activities run smooth and efficient. Take a look through our magnetic schedule boards and see which is the right fit for your specific needs!