2'h x 3'w displays up to 4 different defects
a day for each work station or shift
with magnets and write-on tools#DFM23M$409

This board gives you a full view of exactly where, when and what kind of defects are impacting your production efficiency. See a detailed overview of the defects in graphic color, station-by-station and day-by-day for a month. Magnet signals give you up to 20 color-shape codes to instantly pinpoint the defect types, spot patterns and apply corrective action.

Each station has 2 grid cells for each day. Write the number of defects in the top cell and post the magnet defect signals in the lower one. See the box below for details. Display this board where everyone involved can view it. It can easily create positive friendly competition between work stations. Post it from the daily defect reports of each station. Kits contain everything you need to set up and operate.

How It Works
31-Day Defects-Tracker
Magnetic Whiteboard System Kits
h x w
StationsPrice Each (all alike)with Write-on Tools
& Magnet Signals
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
2' x 3'8$409$397$384$372$360#DFM23M
4' x 3'20559542526508492#DFM43M
4' x 6'40849823798772747#DFM46M
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System includes: dry-erase pens in 4 colors, magnetic eraser / pen holder, 8 oz. spray board cleaner / conditioner, large lint-free board wipes, damp-erase pens-black, 3/8" dia. circle magnet signals in 10 colors, 3/8" square magnet signals in 10 colors, press-on letters and numbers for station names, line tape, and a magnet storage box.
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IMPORTANT: Please measure your space for wall-mounting the board

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