3' h x 4'w, 15 rows
with write-on tools and magnet signals#DQS34T$409

Between every pair of ears on your production team is a worker's brain that is sorting and processing everything they see, do and hear on the job. All it takes is a friendly non-threatening tool like this Quality Issues Magnetic Printed Whiteboard System and a little encouragement from you to harness your human computers to solve your quality issues and other problems.

Just list the problems as they arise (and suggest your team members list any they know about that you may not be aware of) and let the magic flow. Don't forget to give appropriate recognition and appreciation for every effort, no matter how it turns out.

The system includes magnetic signals in 10 colors to communicate the ongoing status of each issue. Good luck!

Quality Issues
Magnetic Printed Whiteboard System Kit
h x w
RowsPrice Eachwith Write-on Tools and
Magnet Signals
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
3' x 4'15$409$397$384$372$360#DQS34T
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System includes: dry-erase pens in 4 colors, magnetic eraser / pen holder, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner / conditioner, large lint-free board wipes, magnet status signals in 10 colors and WakTack® extra strong rare earth magnets (with dedication labels) for tacking paper notes on the board.
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IMPORTANT: Please measure your space for wall-mounting the board

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