Grid-Printed Magnetic Whiteboard Kits

Square Grids, Rectangle Grids and Ghost-Grids printed directly in to porcelain-like magnetic whiteboard surface.

We offer square and rectangle grid printed magnetic steel white boards in a wide range of sizes and styles, each with a ready to use supply kit containing everything needed to operate it. Grids are heat-fused printed into the MagnaLux® steel whiteboard working surface and built to stay fresh and like new for a lifetime of daily use.

Subdivide the grid columns or rows with the kit's bold PreciseLine® whiteboard tapes and use the optional color coded card holder magnets for your special headings and titles.

Working on a gridded whiteboard brings out a special sense of order and creative energy that is hard to achieve elsewhere.

#GSEnlargeSquare Grid Printed Boards
Square-Grid Printed Magnetic Whiteboards.

Ready-to-use kit with dry-erase supplies
and optional magnets. 6 Board sizes, 4 Grid sizes

#GGEnlargeGhost-Grid ™ Magnetic White Boards
White background GhostGrid Magnetic WhiteBoards

Like graph paper, it makes alignment easy. 8 Sizes, 3 scales

#GREnlargeRectangle Grid Printed Boards
Rectangle Grid-Printed Magnetic Whiteboard kits

Grids usually chosen for scheduling. 8 board & 6 grid sizes

#BIGEnlargeBig-Grid ™ Magnetic Board Kits
Big-Grid Magnetic Whiteboard Organizers

Displays 3x5" magnetic cardholders & signals. 5 Sizes

#SBOEnlargeStatusBoard ™ Task & Project Matrix
Task and Project Matrix StatusBoard kits

A detailed wide view of your tasks, jobs, assets, staff etc. displayed by categories, priorities, etc.. 3 Sizes

#OAUEnlargeOver & Under Plain & Grid Boards
Over & Under Grid / Plain Whiteboards

Top 2/3 is a 1x2" magnetic planning grid and
the bottom is a plain white. 6 Sizes

#SOSSEnlargeSide by Side Plain & Grid Boards
Side-by-Side Grid / Plain WhiteBoards. 6 Sizes

#IGDEnlarge3-D Isometric Grid Boards
Isometric Grid

Quickly and accurately dry-erase draw
your conceptual diagrams in 3D on this grid,

#MXEnlargeMasterPlanner ® Grids All-Purpose Board Kits
All-Purpose Magnetic Whiteboard Kits

Rectangle grids with magnets to fit. 6 Board & Grid Sizes

#TPVideoEnlargePreciseLine ® Tapes for Whiteboards and Maps
PreciseLine® Letter Alignment Tapes

Align magnetic and adhesive die-cut letters and numbers against a line of this tape and then remove the tape.