Whiteboard Systems for Hospitals

We have been designing and building information sharing board systems for hospitals for over
44 years. These are some of the ones that have been requested most frequently by hospital management.

Our products simple and easy to use, but because they are efficient and comprehensive in managing time, schedules, notes, patient tracking, and come in a variety of sizes to meet your individual or hospital-wide needs.

There are many reasons why proper organization is important in a hospital. Whiteboards can make scheduling and information sharing easier than pieces of paper scattered everywhere, as well as being infinitely reusable. Our customization options also give the product a touch of personalization.

If you would like one of our experienced design specialists to help you select the right board kit for your requirement, Please Contact us or call us at 800 624 4154 (8-6, M-F, Eastern Time). No obligation. We ship in 3 business days or less. Our 48th year.

Surgery Schedule
with LongMagnetsSurgery Schedule with LongMagnets ™ Enlarge
Hospital Patient
Bedside framed boardsHospital Patient Bedside framed boardsVideoEnlarge
2-Sided LongMagnetsWrite-on 2-Sided LongMagnets ™ Enlarge
Basic Magnetic Surgery ScheduleBasic Magnetic Surgery ScheduleEnlarge
Ambulatory Surgery ScheduleAmbulatory Surgery ScheduleEnlargeOut-Patient
Surgery ScheduleOut-Patient Surgery ScheduleEnlarge
Individual Patient Care
Portable MiniBoardsIndividual Patient Care Portable MiniBoardsEnlarge
Magnetic WhiteboardsCustom-Printed Magnetic WhiteboardsVideoEnlarge
Admissions and
Bed Census ControlAdmissions and Bed Census Control ™ Enlarge
Patient ProgressE.R. Patient ProgressEnlarge
E.R. Patient Tracker®E.R. Patient Tracker ® EnlargeStick-Anywhere
MagnaSnap® Note Holder
Magnetic Paper ClipStick-Anywhere ™ MagnaSnap ® Note Holder Magnetic Paper ClipVideoEnlarge
Transparent Document display barsGrip-a-Sheet ® Transparent Document display barsVideoEnlarge
TimeSlot-Planner 15 & 30 Minute Patient SchedulesTimeSlot-Planner ™ 15 & 30 Minute Patient SchedulesEnlargePre-OP
HoldingPre-OP HoldingEnlarge
Plain Magnetic WhiteboardPlain Magnetic WhiteboardVideoEnlarge
ShadeLine® Row
Printed WhiteboardsShadeLine ® Row Printed WhiteboardsEnlarge
Plain White MiniBoards, dry-erase or damp-erasePlain White MiniBoards ™ , dry-erase or damp-eraseEnlargeMiniBoards
Printed to OrderMiniBoards Printed to OrderEnlarge
Magnetic 365 Day Planning CalendarMagnetic 365 Day Planning CalendarVideoEnlarge
Magnetic Multiple Document Display ChartJackets®Magnetic Multiple Document Display ChartJackets ® VideoEnlargePatient Procedure SchedulePatient Procedure Schedule ™ EnlargeO.R.
Portable MiniboardsO.R. Portable MiniboardsEnlarge
ChartMaker® BoardsPatient ChartMaker ® BoardsEnlarge
Patient-Staff &
CommentsPatient-Staff & CommentsEnlarge
SituationE.R. SituationEnlarge
24 Hour Plan
and Schedule24 Hour Plan and ScheduleEnlarge
WakTack® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack MagnetsWakTack ® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack MagnetsVideoEnlarge
Patient RegisterE.R. Patient RegisterEnlarge
Therapy Plan and TimePatient Therapy Plan and TimeEnlarge
StaffWeek 7-Day
Unit Work ScheduleStaffWeek ™ 7-Day Unit Work ScheduleEnlarge
Printed 7-Day
Portable MiniBoardsPrinted 7-Day Portable MiniBoardsEnlarge
IntakeE.R. IntakeEnlarge
MasterPlanner® Grids
All-Purpose Board KitsMasterPlanner ® Grids All-Purpose Board KitsEnlarge
Nursing Unit
Portable MiniBoardsNursing Unit Portable MiniBoards ™ Enlarge
Nurse, Patient
Staff & StatusNurse, Patient Staff & StatusEnlarge
Holding Area StatusO.R Holding Area StatusEnlarge
Patient LineUpE.R. Patient LineUpEnlarge
E.R. Patient
Listing & DispositionE.R. Patient Listing & DispositionEnlarge
On-Call BoardsHospital On-Call BoardsEnlarge
Nursing Team
Patient AssignmentNursing Team Patient AssignmentEnlarge
Staff Locator
Staff Locator ™ Enlarge
In-Out, Name &
Write-A-NoteIn-Out, Name & Write-A-NoteEnlarge
Surgery ScheduleAmbulatory Surgery ScheduleEnlarge
Respiratory Therapy Ventilator ScheduleRespiratory Therapy Ventilator ScheduleEnlargePre-Op Patient
Exam StatusPre-Op Patient Exam StatusEnlarge
U-Design-It® ChartMaker®
Whiteboard KitsU-Design-It ® ChartMaker ® Whiteboard KitsEnlarge
Magnetic Cardholders and Card Inserts with Keying TemplateMagnetic Cardholders and Card Inserts with Keying TemplateVideoEnlarge
Magnet StripsWrite-on Magnet StripsVideoEnlarge
Write-on Magnets
in die-cut sizesWrite-on Magnets in die-cut sizesVideoEnlarge
Die-Cut Write-on
Symbol MagnetsDie-Cut Write-on Symbol MagnetsVideoEnlarge
PreciseLine® Tapes for
Whiteboards and MapsPreciseLine ® Tapes for Whiteboards and MapsVideoEnlarge
Magnet in RollsLabelMount ® Magnet in RollsEnlarge
Magnetic Steel WhiteWall® Wall PanelsMagnetic Steel WhiteWall ® Wall PanelsVideoEnlargePlanView® 3 to 10 track
Slide Panel CabinetsPlanView ® 3 to 10 track Slide Panel CabinetsVideoEnlarge
RotoCube® Rotating Bulletin TowersRotoCube ® Rotating Bulletin TowersVideoEnlarge
Individual Die-Cut
Magnetic or AdhesiveIndividual Die-Cut Exact-Letters ® Magnetic or AdhesiveEnlarge
2-Sided FlipOver® Do-Done® Symbol Magnets2-Sided FlipOver ® Do-Done ® Symbol MagnetsVideoEnlargeE.R.
Patient ListingE.R. Patient ListingEnlarge
LineUp ScheduleSurgery LineUp ™ ScheduleEnlarge
Patient ProcessE.R. Patient ProcessEnlarge
Status FlowE.R. Status FlowEnlarge
Speed-Posting Printed Magnets for HospitalsSpeed-Posting ™ Printed Magnets for HospitalsEnlargeE.R.
Patient Care ActivityE.R. Patient Care ActivityEnlarge
15 & 30 Minute
Schedules15 & 30 Minute SchedulesEnlarge
Patient-Caregiver Assignment PlannerPatient-Caregiver Assignment Planner ™ EnlargePre-OP Post-OP
Patient TrackerPre-OP Post-OP Patient TrackerEnlarge
Patient Listing ConsultE.R. Patient Listing ConsultEnlarge
Telemetry ScheduleTelemetry ScheduleEnlargePatients CommentsPatients CommentsEnlargeOn-Duty
Quick Change BoardsOn-Duty ™ Quick Change BoardsEnlarge
Patient Notes Board for Nursing StationPatient Notes Board for Nursing StationEnlarge
Directory LocatorPatient Directory LocatorEnlarge
30-Minute DayPlannerPatient's 30-Minute DayPlanner ™ Enlarge

For the medical professionals that prefer the more traditional feeling of smaller, more portable boards, we offer mini boards that can double as wall-attached whiteboards as well as on-the-go clip boards when you need to have mobile info and schedules.

Working in an operating room means the doctors and nurses already have more than enough on their plate to worry about. We have hospital whiteboards available for purchase online specifically meant to make the operations before, during, and after much easier to manage by placing all needed information on the board in plain sight where it can easily be accessed. Magnatag.com can provide professional whiteboards that can either be plain so you can change what the headers are at any time, or we can print custom headers that will always remain; our products can come as simple and grid-like as you want, or incredibly customized to fit the specific needs of your hospital.