5A 24" x 18" 7 Days down x 3 columns (shifts) across#HXMAP-SW28$53
5B 17" X 11" 7 Day rows down#HXMAP-WK71$36
5C 17" X 11" 3 open sections (shifts) down#HXMAP-SD71$36
5D 11" x 8-1/2" 3 open sections (shifts) across#HXMAP-SD19$27

Hang them on the wall, door, or any vertical surface, etc. with the key-hole slot hanger which swivels flat behind the board when used portable. Lift it off the wall to write on it. It has a built-in spring pen clip and comes with a damp-erase or dry-erase black pen. Carry it to anywhere you need to record or refer to the data, then rehang it when done.

Note: Consider custom-printing your MiniBoards with your special design. (Minimum of 10 alike) Thousands have.

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