Plant and Equipment Maintenance Scheduling

These flexible maintenance board systems keep color-coded maintenance scheduled, planned and response tasks in view, and in mind. When you post the information on your wall to share with with your team 24-7 everyone gets involved in contributing to the success of your maintenance operation.

#PMFEnlarge52 Week Preventive-Maintenance Schedule
52 week Preventive Maintenance Schedule

with optional 365 day Maint. history T-Cards.. 4 Sizes

#MNREnlargeMaintenance Repair Schedule
Plant Maintenance Repair Schedule

Ideal for quick, problem-handling action. 3 Sizes

#PMDEnlarge31-Day Preventive Maintenance Schedule
31-Day Plant Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Everything in view and under control:
equipment, task, assignee and date. 3 Sizes

#PMEnlarge12 Mo Preventive Maintenance
12-Month Plant Preventive Maintenance Planner

#TCKVideoEnlargeT Card Visible Files
T-Scan® T-Card File Panels

Combines the visibility of a magnetic board with the
in-depth data & hands-on access of a card file. 7 Sizes

#MTKEnlargeMagnetic T-Card File Panel
Magnet-backed T-Card Panels. 3 Sizes

Clings tight to steel whiteboards with T-Cards (included)

#TDX-TKREnlargeT-DexTracker ® T-Card Board Kits
All-purpose T-DexTracker® whiteboards

Column format with built-in T-Card file slots. 5 Sizes

#FXNEnlargeFix-It-Now ™ Action Board
Fix-It-Now Board 3 Sizes

Display problem fixing status for all to see.

#VHUEnlargeVehicle Service Job Schedule
Vehicle Tracking Service-Monitor

Daily schedule with status of each job in shop. 3 Sizes

#PVMEnlargeVehicle & Equipment Maintenance ™
Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance

Schedule by mileage or hours. 3 Sizes

#VTEnlargeSymbolette Equip. Control
Equipment and Vehicle Tracking
Magnetic Symbolette® boards. 6 Sizes

See every Symbolette® magnet ID, location & operator

#EQREnlargeEquipment Repair Status ™
Equipment Tracking Repair Status

See what's down and what's the story! 3x4'

#WHYEnlarge5-Why Root Cause & Corrective Action Board
5-Why Root Cause & Corrective Action Board

#PLNEnlargeProject Priority Tracker ®
Project Priority Tracker®

Quickly update and prioritize your team's projects, jobs
or tasks with long colored write-on magnets. 3 Sizes.

#HSSEnlargeHot Issues ™
Hot Issues

When you display your 20 hottest issues on this board,
they get resolved fast ...... It's as simple as that!

#PUTEnlargeProperty Unit Rent-ready Tasker
Property Rental Unit Tracker®

Speeds vacant unit readiness work. 6 Sizes

#SBOEnlargeStatusBoard ™ Task & Project Matrix
Task and Project Matrix StatusBoard kits

A detailed wide view of your tasks, jobs, assets, staff etc. displayed by categories, priorities, etc.. 3 Sizes

#CKLEnlargeCheck-It ™ Task Monitor
Check-It Task Monitor Board

Makes sure things get checked. 3 Sizes

#PJLEnlargeProject Log ™
Project Log

A key status overview of projects assigned and underway

#YDEnlarge365-Day T-Card Calendar
365-Day T-Card Planning Calendar

Displays a visible color-coded 5x3" T-Card each day. 4x4'

#EOSEnlargeEquipment Overview
Equipment Operational Status

On & Off Line Status with details

#DBKEnlargeDetailBlock ™ Bulletin
DetailBlock Bulletin Boards

with dedicated Subject Boxes. 4 Sizes

#WKOEnlargeWork Order Priority Control Board
Work Order Priority Control

See the details of up to 25 work orders. 3x4'

#PLTMEnlargeMaintenance Task Week

7-Day Magnetic Task Schedule
with urgency-priority tracking. 2 Sizes

#COMEnlargeCheck-Out and Reservations Monitor
Check-Out and Reservations Monitor. 3 Sizes

See the status, location and availability of each item!

#DWSEnlargeDaily Work Order Line up
Daily Work Order Lineup. 3x4'

Post, assign, prioritize, view and control the day's jobs.

#DONEnlargeDo Doing Done ™ Task Tracker ®
Do-Doing-Done Magnetic Task-Tracker®

Keeps tasks in view, by status and priority.. 2 Sizes

#DUEEnlargeDue-Date ™ 365-day Suspense Calendar
Due-Date Suspense Calendars

Schedules 365 day actions for up to 174 items. 3 Sizes

#EQSEnlargeEquipment Service
Full Year Equipment Service Schedule

Color-coded vehicle and equipment
service workload at a glance. 4 Sizes

#PVSEnlargeMaintenance Job Schedule
Preventive Maintenance Job Schedule:

Organize and manage maintenance jobs
with room for details. 35 rows

#SVEnlargeService Request Priority Schedule
Plant Maintenance Service Request Monitor

Post, prioritize, assign and track service requests.

#RFLEnlargeRed Flag Problem Control
Red-Flag Problem Control

Keeps hot problems in view for fast action. 3x4' 25 rows

"We were basically looking to purchase a couple of your maintenance boards, however since they are being placed on the yacht, we really didn't have more than 5' of room to hang them. I thought we were out of luck until I found out that you can custom print them. That flexibility is great. With most places it is take it or leave it. I like that I had options with you".....................Captain, Vacation Services Company, Fort Lauderdale FL