Equipment and Plant Maintenance Scheduling, Magnetic Whiteboard Kits

These flexible maintenance board systems keep scheduled, planned and maintenance response color-coded management tasks in view, and in mind. Why wait for things to break before fixing them? When you post the information on your wall to share with with your associates 24-7 it gets everyone involved in contributing to the ongoing success of your maintenance operation. Our customers tell us the maintenance scheduling board systems offered below have been the most successful in use.

#PMFEnlarge52 Week Preventive-Maintenance Schedule
52 week Preventive Maintenance Schedule

with optional 365 day Maint. history T-Cards.. 4 Sizes

#EQREnlargeEquipment Repair Status ™
Equipment Tracking Repair Status

See what's down and what's the story! 3x4'

#YDEnlarge365-Day T-Card Calendar
365-Day T-Card Planning Calendar

Displays a visible color-coded 5x3" T-Card each day. 4x4'

#VHUEnlargeVehicle Service Job Schedule
Vehicle Tracking Service-Monitor

Daily schedule with status of each job in shop. 3 Sizes

#HSSEnlargeHot Issues ™
Hot Issues

When you display your 20 hottest issues on this board,
they get resolved fast ...... It's as simple as that!

#TCKVideoEnlargeT Card Visible Files
T-Scan® T-Card File Panels

Combines the visibility of a magnetic board with the
in-depth data & hands-on access of a card file. 7 Sizes

#MTKEnlargeMagnetic T-Card File Panel
Magnet-backed T-Card Panels. 3 Sizes

Clings tight to steel whiteboards with T-Cards (included)

#ELEnlargeEquipment Locator ™
Equipment Locator

Equipment is In view at its location
showing its status at all times. 2 Sizes

#EYREnlargeEquipment 12-Month Planner
Equipment 12-Month Planner

Anticipate equipment productivity needs

#VTEnlargeSymbolette Equip. Control
Equipment and Vehicle Tracking
Magnetic Symbolette® boards. 6 Sizes

See every Symbolette® magnet ID, location & operator

#SBOEnlargeStatusBoard ™ Task & Project Matrix
Task and Project Matrix StatusBoard kits

A detailed wide view of your tasks, jobs, assets, staff etc. displayed by categories, priorities, etc.. 3 Sizes

#DBKEnlargeDetailBlock ™ Bulletin
DetailBlock Bulletin Boards

with dedicated Subject Boxes. 4 Sizes

#TDX-TKREnlargeT-DexTracker ® T-Card Board Kits
All-purpose T-DexTracker magnetic column format whiteboard with built-in T-Card file slots. 5 Sizes

#OEEEnlargeOEE Overall Equipment Efficiency Tracker ®
OEE Overall Equipment Efficiency Tracker®

Numbers that keep you with a competitive edge.

#EOSEnlargeEquipment Overview
Equipment Operational Status

On & Off Line Status with details

#PMEnlarge12 Mo Preventive Maintenance
12-Month Plant Preventive Maintenance Planner

#EQSEnlargeEquipment Service
Full Year Equipment Service Schedule

Color-coded vehicle and equipment
service workload at a glance. 4 Sizes

#PJLEnlargeProject Log ™
Project Log

#PMDEnlarge31-Day Preventive Maintenance Schedule
31-Day Plant Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Everything in view and under control:
equipment, task, assignee and date. 3 Sizes

#DWSEnlargeDaily Work Order Line up
Daily Work Order Lineup. 3x4'

Post, assign, prioritize, view and control the day's jobs.

#PLTMEnlargePlantRight ™ Plant Maintenance Daily Tasks
Plant Maintenance TaskWeek .

7-Day Magnetic Task Schedule
with urgency-priority tracking. 2 Sizes

#MNREnlargeMaintenance Repair Schedule
Plant Maintenance Repair Schedule

Ideal for quick, problem-handling action. 3 Sizes

#XSBIEnlargeSchool Bus Vehicle Information Tracker ®
School transportation department activity

Daily schedule, driver status, bus maint., field trips, sub assignments, school year info and daily notes. 4 Sizes

#CBKEnlargeCalendar-Block ™ Performance Scoreboards
Calendar-Block Visible-Year
Magnetic Topic Scoreboards

#COMEnlargeCheck-Out and Reservations Monitor
Check-Out and Reservations Monitor. 3 Sizes

See the status, location and availability of each item!

#PUTEnlargeProperty Unit Rent-ready Tasker
Property Rental Unit Tracker®

Speeds vacant unit readiness work. 6 Sizes

#RFLEnlargeRed Flag Problem Control
Red-Flag Plant Maintenance Problem Control

Keeps hot problems in view for fast action. 3x4' 25 rows

#CKLEnlargeCheck-It ™ Task Monitor
Check-It Task Monitor Board

Makes sure things get checked. 3 Sizes

#DONEnlargeDo Doing Done ™ Task Tracker ®
Do-Doing-Done Magnetic Task-Tracker®

Keeps tasks in view, by status and priority.. 2 Sizes

#DUEEnlargeDue-Date ™ 365-day Suspense Calendar
Due-Date Suspense Calendars

Schedules 365 day actions for up to 174 items. 3 Sizes

#WKOEnlargeWork Order Priority Control Board
Work Order Priority Control

See the details of up to 25 work orders. 3x4'

#PVMEnlargeVehicle & Equipment Maintenance ™
Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance

Schedule by mileage or hours. 3 Sizes

#SVEnlargeService Request Priority Schedule
Plant Maintenance Service Request Monitor

Post, prioritize, assign and track service requests.

Post them on this board as they are received for a grand view of your plant maintenance service workload that will help you prioritize them (using the 10 magnet signal colors), compare, group similar jobs and organize your personnel and time resources for maximum efficiency. Columns across read (L-R): SERVICE REQUESTED, DATE,TIME, REQ. BY, LOCATION, PHONE, ASSIGNED, NOTES
4'h x 3'w with 43 line item rows

#PVSEnlargeMaintenance Job Schedule
Preventive Maintenance Job Schedule:

Organize and manage maintenance jobs with room for details. 35 rows

Plan P.M. Jobs with room for details! This white board is handy for lining up the current maintenance jobs, assigning staff, work orders, materials and other resources in detail. The kit includes magnetic status signals in 10 colors for coding actions to cut down on the writing and reading time.
Columns across read (L-R): JOB, LAST P.M., NEXT P.M., COMMENTS / SUPPLIES.
4'h x 3'w with 35 numbered line item rows

"We were basically looking to purchase a couple of your maintenance boards, however since they are being placed on the yacht, we really didn't have more than 5' of room to hang them. I thought we were out of luck until I found out that you can custom print them. That flexibility is great. With most places it is take it or leave it. I like that I had options with you".....................Captain, Vacation Services Company, Fort Lauderdale FL