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MagnaMap® Animation Kits with Map-Magnets
for displaying activity on magnetic steel MagnaMaps®

Printed steel dry-erase MagnaMaps® call for special magnets to pinpoint,
outline and show your planned, updated and ongoing activity. These map
magnets, tapes and materials let you quickly locate, update and move activity.

MagnaMap ® Animation Kits with Map-Magnets for displaying activity on magnetic steel MagnaMaps ®

This is what MagnaMap® systems are all about; not just to look at, but graphic working tools to display and visibly share with your associates 24-7 an up-to-date comprehensive geo-picture of what's happening in your world. No matter how many computers or other sophisticated-graphic tools you have, nothing gives your team the "buy-in believability" of a big magnetic steel MagnaMap® where everyone can view, study and understand the situation.

Kits include carefully selected magnets and cartographic animation tools to make your map-world come to life. Responding to our client's requests over the years, we created and make all the items in the kits, many patented, and continue to add new items. Order complete kits below for your MagnaMap® or assemble your own special map animation kit from the itemized kit item contents listed below.

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MagnaMap® Animation KITS with Map-Magnets
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(Does not include map board)
Use with MagnaMap® Sizes

2x3,3x2, 2x4; 4x2'
3x3'. 3x4', 4x3'
4x4', 4x5', 5x4', 4x6'. 6x4',
4x7', 4x8' & larger
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* Note: These map animation magnets and charting materials are specifically designed for use on heat-fused printed whiteboard steel MagnaMaps® sold factory-direct by Magnatag® Visible Systems and may or may not be appropriate or work effectively on other "magnetic" maps which are usually printed paper-plastic films laminated over steel.
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ITEMIZED Map-Magnet Animation Materials for *MagnaMaps®.
Select and order individual items to create your own map-magnet kit.

Click on the individual item image to see item details and other sizes available.

Itemhxw (or dia.)Unit
Magnetic Cardholders
Magnetic Cardholders1/2" x 2"Pkg. / 25#CH52$15.00
Magnetic Cardholders5/8" x 4"Pkg. / 25#CH8428.00
Card Inserts
Card Inserts1/2" x 2"Pkg. / 10 sheets
100per sheet
Card Inserts5/8" x 4"Pkg. / 10 sheets
100per sheet
CD/ROM Card-Label keying Template
Magnet die-cut symbols
Circles3/8" dia.Pkg. / 50#S-CR38M$15.59
Arrows1/2" x 1"Pkg. / 50#S-ARW1M21.59
Arrows1" x 2"Pkg. / 25#S-ARW2M33.69
PreciseLine® Tape Rolls
Solid color1/16" x 648"Each#TP16$6.69
Solid color1/8" x 324"Each#TP186.69
Solid color1/4" x 324"Each#TP147.69
Slash pattern1/8" x 324"Each#TPP18-SLASH8.79
Stripe pattern1/8" x 324"Each#TPP18-STRIPE8.79
Map Coordinate Stretch Cord Map-Magnet set
Cord-Magnet set10' cord with
2 anchor magnets
Extra-Strong WakTack® Map-Magnets
WakTacks®5/8" x 1/2" with labelsPkg. / 10#WAK10$22.29
TackPoint™ Pivoting Pointer Map-Magnets
TackPoint Magnets5/8" x 1/2"
+ 1/2" pivot pointer
Pkg ./ 10#TKP10$28.89
FlashTack@ LED Map-Magnet Lights
Blinking1/2" dia.Pkg. / 4#LTK4-F$25.00
Steady Glow1/2" dia.Pkg. / 4#LTK4-L25.00
FlipOver® 2-sided Red-Green Do-Done™ Map-Magnets
Circle5/8" dia.Pkg. / 25#FOD-C58MRGN$21.59
Happy-Sad™ 2-sided FlipOver® magnets
Happy-Sad7/8" sq.Each#MH1$5.99
MagnaSnap® Stick-Anywhere Hinged Magnet Paper Clamps
MagnaSnap®1x3"Pkg. / 5#KM3A$31.00
Die-Cut Adhesive Letters / Number Sets
Letter Set3/8"Set / 452#AV-C38$11.99
Number Set3/8"Set / 476#AV-N3811.99
Magnet Storage Box
Storage Box13"x9-1/4" x 2-3/8"Each#BX-P2$11.99
Dry-Erase Pens and Markers
Bullet Point Pens
Chisel Point Markers
Magnetic eraser / pen holder
Eraser / pen holder
Whiteboard 8 oz. pump-spray Cleaner
whiteboard cleaner8 oz.Each#CL-08$11.00
Lint-Free Board Wipes
WipesPKG. / 50#PW50$9.69