Plain Dry-Erase Whiteboards

Magnetic whiteboards in a variety of display options.

Plain Magnatag® magnetic steel whiteboards come in a wide range of sizes and display options, each ready to use with dry erase tools and optional magnetic charting supplies. Top quality construction, they are designed to stay like new for a lifetime of daily use.

Turn any meeting, office or boardroom into a dry erase magnetic whiteboard room with neat professional looking white board presentations.

#WBVideoEnlargePlain Magnetic Whiteboard
Plain Magnetic MagnaLux® Steel Whiteboards

with a porcelain-like steel dry-erase whiteboard. 12 Sizes

#WWMVideoEnlargeMagnetic Steel WhiteWall ® Wall Panels
Magnetic Steel WhiteWall® Wall Panels

Cover your walls with magnetic dry-erase steel WhiteWall®
paneling that encourages everyone to share their ideas.

#GGEnlargeGhost-Grid ™ Magnetic White Boards
White background GhostGrid Magnetic WhiteBoards

Like graph paper, it makes alignment easy. 8 Sizes, 3 scales

#GLEnlargePerfect-Writing ® Boards with Ghost Guidelines
Perfect-Writing® Whiteboards

with "disappearing" Ghost-White Guidelines. 6 Sizes

#PLREnlargeDry-Erase White Markerboards
Dry-Erase White Markerboards:

Plain, row or column-printed.
6 sizes to 4x8'. Not Magnetic.

The dry-erase white working surface is baked on double-thick hardboard, self-edged and designed for moderate use. Not recommended for intensive daily write-on use like our steel whiteboards.

6 board sizes, hxw: 2x3,' 3x2', 3x4', 4x3', 4x6', 4x8'
4 Styles: Plain white, 4"w columns, 1"h rows, 1" grid
or printed to order (in volume).

#SBEVideoEnlargeHospital Patient Bedside framed boards
Hospital Patient Bedside Magnetic Whiteboards

Printed with your design. 10 Sizes from 1x1' to 3x3'

#OAUEnlargeOver & Under Plain & Grid Boards
Over & Under Grid / Plain Whiteboards

Top 2/3 is a 1x2" magnetic planning grid and
the bottom is a plain white. 6 Sizes

#SOSSEnlargeSide by Side Plain & Grid Boards
Side-by-Side Grid / Plain WhiteBoards. 6 Sizes

#AKVideoEnlargePrivateEye ® Privacy Screen
Private-Eye Privacy screens lowers over Whiteboards. Pulley-operated. 5 Sizes

#YNEnlargePlain Dry-Erase Portable Mini Boards
Dry-Erase MiniBoards Non-Magnetic
Portable & wall-hung, Plain & Printed. 3 Sizes

#GBPEnlargePlain Green Magnetic Board Kits
Green Steel Plain Magnetic Boards

Plain Magnetic Board kits

Like a classic billiard table, the rich, deep green
field enhances all the magnet colors. Not a write-on
surface. Complete kits with charting materials and magnets. 5 Sizes