#PLN23M 2x3' for Tracking 15 Projects   $409
About our MagnaLux® Whiteboard
Surface and BoldLyne Frames
Show the priorities and get things done.

Keep your team on target by displaying the Day, Week, Month or Year's priorities. This project priority magnetic whiteboard system helps you to manage your ever changing workload and communicate it with your team so every one is on the same page.

Quickly update priorities with Long write-on magnets

This board includes our long write-on magnets. These magnets make updating your priorities as easy as moving a magnet. The 5 colors help you categorize your projects, jobs or tasks. The colors can be seen from a distance, communicating what projects are important.

Project PriorityLines Magnetic Whiteboard Tracker®
h x wProjectsWith Full Magnet
Supply Kit
Dry-erase Tools
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