Project Management Whiteboard

Successful project managers make sure everyone can see the project status overview with details of each line-item's timeline milestone. These magnetic ProjectTracker® whiteboards guarantee 24-7 team communication. Being able to visualize the life cycle of an entire project is a vital part of its success. Seeing all the information, the next steps in the process and prioritizing the different parts will help to maximize efficiency and keep all tasks organized and running smoothly. Any business professional will understand how important a project management board is in managing a project and guiding the way it is run.

#DDXTVideoEnlargeProject StepTracker ®
Do-Done® Magnetic StepTracker®

Turn the yellow magnet over to show green when a task is done. Red = problem.

#PTSEnlarge52 Week Project Planner
52-Week Project timeline task Schedule

Tracks 16 task lines against a 52 week project
timeline for each of 3, 6, 9 or 12 projects. 4 Sizes

#GPEnlarge365 & 730 Day Planners
366 & 730-day TimeLine Line-item GrandPlanner®

Intensive Long-range management planning. 4 Sizes

#PLNEnlargeProject Priority
Project Priority

#YDUEnlargeFacility Timeline 365-Day Schedule
Facility Timeline 365-Day Schedule

#PJLEnlargeProject Log ™
Project Log

#GNEnlargeProject Assignments
Project MileStones

10 project rows with 8 milestones each. 3x4'

#WKPEnlargeWorkPlan ™

See what's happening at each work location

#YDEnlarge365-Day Follow-up Tasks
365-Day T-Card Planning Calendar

Displays a visible color-coded 5x3" T-Card each day. 4x4'

#CHMVideoEnlargeProject ChartView ®
Magnetic ChartView® Boards, 9 sizes,
with patented Magnetic ChartJackets®

Quickly display, change and transport protected
paper charts with no dog-ears, creases or wrinkles!

#OWTEnlargeOur-Week ™ Action Plan
Organize your week plan in detail

#PSEnlargeProject Status ™
Project Status 4 sizes

A few choice words are often better than numbers.

#XMSEnlargeMeeting Schedule
See and schedule meetings with all the details

#HSSEnlargeHot Issues ™
Hot Issues

When you display your 20 hottest issues on this board,
they get resolved fast ...... It's as simple as that!

#EYREnlargeEquipment 12-Month Planner
Equipment 12-Month Planner

Anticipate equipment productivity needs

#TXEnlargeProject-Tracker ®
U-Design-It Project Management Tracker

Project file folders on the whiteboard.
Tape columns as you want them. 4 Sizes

#RGVideoEnlargeRolling Timeline Charts
RotoGraph® Endless Rolling Timeline Sleeve

Long Range Daily Project Line Planner. 24 models

#ENGSEnlargeEngineering Status
Engineering Do-Done® Project Overview Status

See line-item status as they move through
(up to) 19 scheduled project development steps. 4 Sizes

#AIMEnlargeMeeting Agenda-Issues
Agenda-Issue Meeting-Boards 4x6'

#PSMEnlargeProject Stage Manager
Project Stage Manager

Room to post the details, and status in specific
terms at each stage of your project process. 4 Sizes

#JVEnlargeContracts Overview
Project Contracts Overview

See bid openings, starts, completions and payments with the hands-on ability to make instant changes. 4x6' with 35 project rows

#GWVideoEnlarge31-Day Month Planner
Giant-Month 31 day Magnetic Planning Calendar

with room to post a good day's activities. 3 Sizes

#GQRVideoEnlarge3-Month Daily Planner
Giant-Quarter 3-Month Daily Planning Calendars

with alternate 3-shift version and 12 month broad
planning section. Holds 6 to 12 events daily. 4x6'

#PJMEnlargeProject Milestones
Project MileStones

10 project rows with 8 milestones each. 3x4'

#AREnlargeAll-Purpose ActionPlan
ActionPlanner® All-purpose White Board kits

A kit for you and your imagination! 8 Sizes
Background grid with magnets & chart supplies.

#NDEnlarge90 Day TimeLine
90 Day Line-Item Timeline Tracker®

4 grid scales for 10 or 14 line items. 4 Sizes

#TDX-TKREnlargeT-Card Whiteboards
All-purpose T-DexTracker magnetic column format whiteboard with built-in T-Card file slots. 5 Sizes

#DBKEnlargeDetailBlock ™ Bulletin
DetailBlock Bulletin Boards

with dedicated Subject Boxes. 4 Sizes

#CHCEnlargeProgress ChallengeCharts
Magnetic ChallengeCharts 4 Sizes

Bar and column charts with die-cut ArrowMagnets.
For contests and any progress against a scale.

#OSTEnlargeProject Detail Oversight
Project Oversight Tracker®

Dates, notes and status-colors for each stage

#ASAPEnlargeA.S.A.P. Items-Pending Tracker
A.S.A.P. Items-Pending

Things get done on time when you keep them
in full view on this board demanding attention.

#JBEnlargeJob Step Charts
Trainee-Progress Step Chart,

1/2" scale. Shows line item progress
through steps and stages. 7 Sizes

#PVVideoEnlargeProject PlanView ® Center
PlanView® Sliding Panel Track Cabinets

3, 6, 8 or 10 tracks hold from 3 to 20 sliding boards.

#WWMVideoEnlargeWhiteWall ® Project Room
WhiteWall® Project Room

Cover your walls with magnetic dry-erase steel WhiteWall®
paneling that encourages everyone to share their ideas.

#CPMEnlargeCritical Path Mapping Kits
CPM-ProjectBoard Critical Path Mapping Kit,

like earlier Gantt and PERT charts, gives your team the tool to break complex projects down and find the fastest, easiest, most efficient path to completion.


When managing multiple projects at once, it could be beneficial to have a (project management whiteboard) that will keep track of the status and progress of each. By being able to view each together on the same board, it will be more convenient to compare them and set priorities for individual assignments when needed. By using our project whiteboards it will be easy to list out all major requirements for multiple projects at once, allowing the teams involved in tackling the task to keep their focus and have a clear interpretation of the steps ahead.

Our products work in a variety of fields and industries and for managers of all types. Our clients in the past have used these project whiteboards in anything from keeping track of inventory in engineering, to planning out a doctor's surgery schedule for the near future