Display information wherever people work, gather or pass by: on the production floor, lobbies, lunch rooms, hallways, reception areas, break rooms, etc. No walls? You don't need them with a unique patented RotoCube® Rotating Big-Island Kiosk. It turns with a finger touch in either direction, you can view it from any position and it accommodates several viewers at once without crowding.

Specify 4 individual side panels to fit your display needs, each with a 47"h x 32"w viewing space. Select from 19 MagnaLux® porcelain-like plain or heat-fused printed steel whiteboard, bulletin, card or photo display panel styles.

Ships assembled, ready to use. Overall size: 34"x 34" x 77"h with a 48" turning radius. It weighs 170 lbs. Special panels to order available on request. Adjustable feet. Casters optional. For more information call us: 800 624 4154 design desk.

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For standard 17"w. RotoCubes® SEE RotoCube® .

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Panel Style*Price
per side
Side 1Side 2Side 3Side 4
Plain White-W$519
1" Rows-H1$559
1" x 1" Grid-G1$559
1"h x 3"w Grid-G13$559
1"h x 4"w Grid-G14$559
1" x 1" Ghost-Grid-GG1$559
3 Columns-CO3$559
5 Columns-CO5$559
7 Columns-CO7$559
31-Day Calendar-CA1$589
2 Month Calendar-CA2$589
3 Month Calendar-CA3$589
366-Day Calendar-YR$559
52-Week Calendar-WP$559
KPI-Pyramid Scoreboard-KPI2$619
KPI-Pyramid Month Summary-KPIM1$619
FabricTack® Bulletin-FB$519
RotoCube®Bulletin Tower
Optional Accessories:
Locking Casters
* Price of the complete RotoCube®
is the total of the 4 side panel prices