Row-Printed Magnetic Whiteboard kits with write-on tools and magnetic kits

ShadeLine®, Perfect Writing® and rows in variety of highest and styles are printed into our porcelain-like magnetic whiteboard surface.

These Row-Printed Magnetic Whiteboard kits are ideal for creating your own special whiteboard designs using the PreciseLine® whiteboard charting tapes to create columns over the printed horizontal rows and bars. Our ShadeLine® magnetic whiteboard makes reading information across rows effortless. Our Perfect-Writing® magnetic whiteboard helps you to write neatly, in parallel rows. Our horizontal- lined whiteboard kit is great system for customizing your own whiteboard system.

#SHEnlargeShadeLine ® Row Printed Whiteboards
U-Design-It® ShadeLine® Whiteboards

Create your own chart by taping vertical lines
over the alternating soft-gray shaded rows. 9 Sizes

#HREnlargeHorizontal-Lined Whiteboards
Row-Printed Magnetic WhiteBoards

7 row-spacings from intense 1/2" to broad 2". 5 Sizes

#DGEnlargeU-Design-It ® ChartMaker ® Whiteboard Kits
ChartMaker® U-Design-IT® All-purpose kits

Create your own layout by taping vertical
columns over the printed horizontal row lines. 8 Sizes

#GLEnlargePerfect-Writing ® Boards with Ghost Guidelines
Perfect-Writing® Whiteboards

with "disappearing" Ghost-White Guidelines. 6 Sizes

#MUSTEnlargeMusic Staff WhiteBoards
Music Staff Dry-Erase Magnetic Whiteboards

4 Sizes, each with 4 staffs