School Staffing Board Systems

#OSCEnlargeGhost Gridded Organizational Charts

Magnetic Staff Organizational Charts. 7 Sizes. 3 Scales

#XTOBEnlargeTeacher-Observation Weekly Year Schedule
School year Teacher Observation Schedule

Magnet colors show walkabout, drop-in & formal. 4 Sizes

#XTTBVideoEnlargeElementary School Daily Teaching Schedules
Elem. School Daily Timeline Teaching Schedules

Daily subject time schedule, special subjects and staffing assignments on three 15-minute. 7:30-4, school-day timeline scale rows. 5 Sizes

#PCKEnlargePosition Control Organizational Charts
Position-Control Magnetic Staff Organizational Charts

Personnel and position Status at-a-glance 2 Sizes

#PPPEnlargePhotoChart ® Organization Charts
Magnetic PhotoCharts Gallery Organizational Charts

They "come alive" with Passport-sized photos. 6 Sizes

#CBKEnlargeCalendar-Block ™ Performance Scoreboards
Calendar-Block Visible-Year
Magnetic Topic Scoreboards

365-day, 52-week and 12-month formats to quickly spot trends evolving in productivity, attendance, goals, errors, accidents, etc.

#CPZVideoEnlargeCustom-Printed Magnetic Whiteboards
Custom-Printed Steel Whiteboards and MagnaMaps®

Your design heat-fused printed into MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel surface. Up to 4x12' boards & larger in sections.

#STWEnlargeIn-Out 5 or 7-day StaffingWeek
StaffingWeek Work Schedules:
5 or 7-Day In & Out Boards

for Volunteers, or part-time or people. 5 Sizes

#YDEnlarge365-Day T-Card Calendar
365-Day T-Card Planning Calendar

Displays a visible color-coded 5x3" T-Card each day. 4x4'

#IREnlargeIn-Out Return and Note
In-Out Return & Write-a Note 3 Sizes

People move a magnet to check themselves in and out.

#SFTEnlargeStaffTracker ™ In-Out Locator Boards
StaffTracker In-Out Personnel Locator

Where is everybody? How do I reach them?
What's the message? 3 Sizes

#PHOEnlargePhotosUp ® Boards
Photos-UP® Instant Photo Exhibit Boards

Create a photo gallery as fast as you can move your hands!

#OCEnlargeGhostBox ™ Staff Charts
GhostBox Magnetic Org. Chart Organizer.

A flexible approach to constructing org. charts. 6 Sizes

#ATEnlarge365-Day Attendance- Vacation Schedule
365-Day Attendance Tracking and Vacation Monitor

Spot absentee patterns, motivate attendance plan vacations, training, duty and travel assignments. 3 Sizes

#HXLTEnlargeStaff Locator ™
Staff Locator

#RCVideoEnlargeRotoCube ® Rotating Whiteboard Towers
RotoCube® 19" Magnetic
Bulletin Towers display 24 sq. ft.

No walls nearby? Try these right in the traffic stream!

#RCISVideoEnlargeRotoCube ® Island 34"w Rotating Whiteboard Tower
RotoCube® 34"w Rotating Bulletin Tower Island

A full wall (42 square feet) of plain or printed whiteboards,
fabric or cork tack bulletin boards, planning calendars, etc.

#UDEnlargeIn-Out Multi Locations Magnetic Boards
U-Design-It In-Out Magnetic Boards. 3 Sizes

When it's not enough to know if someone is "IN" or "OUT"

#IOFEnlargeIn-Out 5 & 7 Day Travel Schedule
In-Out 5 & 7 day travel schedules. 2 Sizes

Post daily travel, activity, job assignment or
location plans for a week for 18 or 35 people!

#TCHVideoEnlargeThermoCharts with Quick Change magnets
Fast & Accurate Magnetic ThermoCharts®

With unique numbered "mercury magnets". 5 Sizes

#MSHEnlargeAbsenteeism Tracker ® Motivates Attendance
Attendance-Tracking Motivator

See absenteeism's impact on manpower shortages vs production capacity

This board shows absenteeism with the focus on the impact of manpower shortages and attendance percentages to your team's total production capacity. It harnesses peer-pressure to quickly improve your overall attendance rate and translates team pride into improved bottom-line performance. The magic is that each absence is documented in color, can be compared to past performance and measured against current and future goals in terms of manpower capacity, yet nobody is personally singled out for negative attention.
3 sizes hxw:
3x2' for up to 12 daily absences
3x3' for up to 22 daily absences
3x4' for up to 34 daily absences

#SFCEnlargeSafetyCross ® Motivator
Magnetic SafetyCross® Workplace Safety
Interactive Motivational Sign. 2 Sizes. 4 formats

Pride in safety "Comes Alive" when workers build and
take ownership of a solid Green Magnetic SafetyCross®.

#SCLEnlargeSub-Column Whiteboard kits
Sub-Column magnetic Dry-Erase WhiteBoards

Organize your people, work, equipment,
customers, etc. by categories & sub-categories. 5 Sizes

#VAEnlarge52 Week Vacation Planner
52-Week Vacation-Planner

Shows requested and granted vacation times. 3 Sizes