Whiteboard Magnets & Supplies

Our almost unlimited range of top quality magnet and chart supply colors, shapes, types and functions gives you instantly
moveable, attention-getting graphic tools that quickly communicate exact status information to your whiteboard viewers.

We at Magnatag offer a wide range of top quality whiteboard supplies so that you can communicate with color, words, images and graphics quickly and efficiently to employees, customers, students, and clients. Our magnetic whiteboard accessories give you instantly movable, attention-getting graphic tools that quickly communicate exact status information. From extra-strong magnets to whiteboard tape, communication has never been easier with our whiteboard accessories. Magnets come in many shapes and sizes and indicate important eye-catching information.

We manufacture them to order for you (many patented).   If you don't see the item you need, Contact us. we may have it or can make it for you.

Magnetic Cardholders
and Card InsertsMagnetic Cardholders and Card InsertsVideoEnlarge
Cardholder Card Inserts
(PC keyable)Cardholder Card Inserts (PC keyable)Enlarge
Transparent Magnetic
Display ChartJackets®Transparent Magnetic Display ChartJackets ® VideoEnlarge
PreciseLine® Tapes for
Whiteboards and MapsPreciseLine ® Tapes for Whiteboards and MapsEnlarge
Extra Strong
WakTack® MagnetsExtra Strong WakTack ® MagnetsVideoEnlarge
2-Sided Do-Done® Symbol
FlipOver® Magnets2-Sided Do-Done ® Symbol FlipOver ® MagnetsVideoEnlarge
Die-Cut Write-on
Symbol MagnetsDie-Cut Write-on Symbol MagnetsEnlarge
Write-on Magnets
in die-cut sizesWrite-on Magnets in die-cut sizesEnlarge
Magnet StripsWrite-on Magnet StripsEnlarge
MagnaSnap Note Holder
Magnetic Paper ClipStick-Anywhere ™ MagnaSnap Note Holder Magnetic Paper ClipVideoEnlarge
Individual Exact-Letters®
Magnetic or AdhesiveIndividual Exact-Letters ® Magnetic or AdhesiveEnlarge
Card Jackets
Magnetic & AdhesiveCard Jackets ™ Magnetic & AdhesiveEnlarge
2-Sided LongLine
FlipOver® Magnets2-Sided LongLine ™ FlipOver ® MagnetsEnlarge
2-Sided Write-on
FlipOver® Magnets2-Sided Write-on FlipOver ® MagnetsEnlarge
Shelf Tag MagnetsWrite-on Shelf Tag MagnetsEnlarge
index Set
Whiteboard Magnetsindex Set Whiteboard MagnetsVideoEnlarge
LED Magnet SignalsFlashTack ® LED Magnet SignalsVideoEnlarge
Strong Ceramic
Symbol MagnetsStrong Ceramic Symbol MagnetsEnlarge
TackPoint® Magnets
with Pivot-PointerTackPoint ® Magnets with Pivot-Pointer ™ VideoEnlarge
Map-Magnet MagnaMap® Animation KitsMap-Magnet MagnaMap ® Animation KitsVideoEnlarge
Card Grip Channels
Mag. or Adh. TransparentCard Grip ™ Channels Mag. or Adh. TransparentEnlarge
Magnet Dry-Erase Clipboards Magnet Dry-Erase Clipboards EnlargeEquipment Symbol MagnetsEquipment Symbol MagnetsEnlargeFlow Chart
magnetsFlow Chart magnetsEnlarge
Happy-Sad Smiley FlipOver® MagnetsHappy-Sad ™ Smiley FlipOver ® MagnetsEnlargeLabelMount®
Magnet RollsLabelMount ® Magnet RollsEnlarge
Magnet Rolls,
Adhesive backedMagnet Rolls, Adhesive backedEnlarge
Transparent display barsGrip-a-Sheet ® Transparent display barsVideoEnlarge
T-Cards, die-cutT-Cards, die-cutVideoEnlargeMagnetic Die Cut
letter & No. SetsMagnetic Die Cut letter & No. SetsEnlarge
Block-printed Magnetic
Letter & No. SetsBlock-printed Magnetic Letter & No. SetsEnlarge
Adhesive Die Cut Letter & No. SetsAdhesive Die Cut Letter & No. SetsEnlarge
Magnets - Grid printed write-on stripsMagnets - Grid printed write-on stripsEnlarge2-Sided FlipOver®
Printed Sign Magnets2-Sided FlipOver ® Printed Sign MagnetsEnlarge
Tool KitWhiteboard Tool KitEnlarge
Eraser & Pen HolderMagnetic Eraser & Pen HolderEnlarge
Dry Erase
Pens and MarkersDry Erase Pens and MarkersEnlarge
White Board
CleanerWhite Board CleanerEnlarge
Magnetic Marker TrayMagnetic Marker TrayEnlargeTrays, Magnetic UtilityTrays, Magnetic UtilityEnlarge
Pens - Damp-Erase magnet-markingPens - Damp-Erase magnet-markingEnlargeC-channel
Adhesive Card HoldersC-channel Adhesive Card HoldersVideoEnlarge
Magnets- TacksMagnets- TacksEnlargeHooks - MagneticHooks - MagneticEnlarge
Whiteboard Magnet
Storage BoxWhiteboard Magnet Storage BoxEnlarge
Large lint-free
Board WipesLarge lint-free Board WipesEnlarge
TackMountTackMount ™ EnlargeCubicle HangersCubicle HangersEnlarge
In & Out MagnetsIn & Out MagnetsEnlargeLabels - FlashSpot DotsLabels - FlashSpot ™ DotsEnlargeMagnet- Title BlanksMagnet- Title BlanksEnlarge 

Feedback: "We just received our second big shipment of board supplies. My boss is like a kid in a candy store!. It really looks nice!"

 Secretary, Junior high school, Latrobe PA

                      "Your stuff is like crack to us engineers. I'm addicted to your products and will keep ordering from you!"

Engineering Manager, Automotive systems company, Cadillac MI