4 Reasons You Need Sales Leaderboards in Your Office



As an employer, you know how important it is to keep your employees engaged and motivated. Studies have shown implementing an incentive program motivates employees to stay at the company longer and encourages collaboration at work. A sales leaderboard can be one of the most effective sales motivation tools there is. Here are five reasons you should implement them in your sales office:


  1. Competitiveness: Sales people are naturally competitive, so displaying their names on a whiteboard for the office brings out their ambitious side and gives them another reason to meet their goals. By running a contest on the board you provide encouragement and motivation to the sales team.
  1. Encourages collaboration in the workplace: Because the work environment today is somewhat remote, there is sometimes less collaboration going on. By having a sales leaderboard, it motivates your sales team to work with each other because it is a consistent reminder of where everyone stands on their quota.
  1. Transparency is arguably one of the most important aspects of a company today. Showing how much the sales reps are contributing and which ones are selling the most shows the entire company that the sales team is on track with projected goals.
  1. Several studies show there is a greater success rate with implementing an incentive program on a leaderboard. Identifying leaders allows the sales team to be more collaborative with sales approaches, best practices and useful information.

These are only a few of the several benefits of implementing a sales leaderboard in your office. When a sales leaderboard is used in the office, employees want to stay at their job longer and they feel better recognized. We know it’s challenging to constantly motivate your employees and sales leaderboards are the perfect solution.

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