Overcoming Obstacles in the IT Industry


As a professional in the information technology field, you’re often expected to work crazy hours and keep up with rapidly changing conditions while getting your job done every day.

So what challenges do IT professionals face and how can they overcome them? Overcoming communication barriers, staying organized, working in teams and making the most of meetings are the biggest challenges I have found in my experience in the IT field. Communication between departments is often sorely lacking. Demands from a variety of users with different levels of expertise and different expectations may hamper your productivity and ability to stay organized. Endless meetings and fruitless attempts at collaboration can make accomplishing goals a challenge.  Personally, I have found that using whiteboards can be a solution to all of these barriers.

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6 Reasons Why the IT Industry Should Use Whiteboards


From computer programmers to software developers, the information technology industry is not only very logical, but visual as well. The information technology industry has to organize and visualize what a website will look like, the process of developing software, designing a website, troubleshooting, or wireframing. The industry has the constant pressure of keeping entire companies running, so organization and collaboration is key to keeping everything running smoothly. Surprising to many, the information technology industry relies on whiteboards as a key component of their daily routine. Here are six biggest reasons why whiteboards are a key player in the IT industry.

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