The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Whiteboard Chore Chart That Works

Household chores are no different than the deliverables you are responsible for at work: they have to be done, someone is checking to make sure they get done, and there has to be a reliable method for guaranteeing jobs are followed through.

For adults, that method comes in the form of quarterly reports, annual reviews, and meetings. Children on the other hand typically don’t have a formal means of tracking their daily responsibilities, leaving parents with an unreliable method for tracking their list of household duties.

More often than not, your children want to help—whether it’s because they believe there’s something in it for them, or due to the kindness of their hearts is an entirely different matter. In an effort to help track chores with a reliable solution, many parents have began implementing whiteboard chore charts into their homes. Whiteboard charts make tracking and assigning chores simple, erasing any doubt of chore assignments and the payment structure that may (or may not) follow suit.

With over 50 years experience in developing custom whiteboards built around the sole purpose of tracking and measuring data, we thought we’d apply some of our expert knowledge into developing the most effective dry erase chore chart imaginable. Here’s what will work best in your home:

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How to Properly Clean & Maintain Your Dry Erase Board

Between brainstorming sessions, random acts of doodling, and non-stop note taking, you’re probably interacting with your whiteboard on a daily basis. Just like hardwood floors and granite countertops, proper care and maintenance is required to help dry erase boards stay in top shape. In an effort to help you keep your whiteboard in tip-top share, we’ve put together this how-to guide for cleaning and maintaining your dry erase surface.

For starters, here’s the list of cleaning solutions you should avoid cleaning your whiteboard with:

Do not use:

  • Any standard kitchen or bathroom cleaner, industrial cleaner, or solution containing isopropanol alcohol.
  • Coarse or granular cloth like paper towels and toilet paper.

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Whiteboards We Love: Rand Fishkin and Whiteboard Friday’s

With another weekend just around the corner, it’s time for a new Whiteboards We Love blog post. This week we’re looking at a popular online web series hosted by the Internet’s Rand Fishkin, Founder and former CEO of Moz.

Over the past couple years, Rand has become infamously known amongst digital marketers as the host of Whiteboard Friday’s, a series of videos that unwrap the best practices for SEO. Each week, Fishkin unpacks a new topic for the SEO Community with the help of a pre-dawn whiteboard (an example of which we have provided below).

whiteboard Friday

Whiteboard Friday’s have been a widely successful venture for the Moz team—and for good reason. Fishkin’s videos are elaborate and concise, an oxymoron of sorts, but one that mysteriously works. Videos range anywhere from 5-12 minutes in length while diving deeply into some of the web’s most complex search algorithms.

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Not Just For The Office – The Benefits of a Whiteboard at Home

We have gone into great detail on here in the past about the many benefits there are to having whiteboards around the office. With all types of whiteboards, there are plenty of positive effects that they can have on your working environment. However, whiteboards aren’t just useful for the office: They’re also great to have inside the home. Personally, my family and I have benefited from having whiteboards in our home in more ways than one.

For our family, staying organized and keeping everything in order is of the utmost importance. Trust me, if you’re more organized, life is much more enjoyable. With that said, here are some ways that you can benefit from having whiteboards around your home.

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Crafty Ways to Use a Whiteboard at Home


Juhan Sonin (Flickr)

If you’re anything like me, being organized is a high priority in your life. To be honest, I’m probably too organized. If I’m ever in a situation that is completely unorganized, I find myself frustrated and have difficulty focusing, and I’m sure there are some of you who can relate to that.

Not only are whiteboards great for organization at any business or at hospitals, for example, but they’re great for staying organized around the house. Personally, I’ve found great use for them around the house in a lot of different ways, and here are some creative home uses for whiteboards that I would like to share with you.

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