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Tom Shaw: Visible Systems Specialist:

Originally from the Cincinnati, Ohio area, Tom Shaw has an extensive background in working with both companies and individuals to solve scheduling, communication, productivity, and information display problems. After an extended tenure working in Ohio, Shaw came to western New York to become a Visible Systems Specialist for Magnatag, the premier Whiteboard Source for over 47 years.

With a degree in communications, Shaw has always been fascinated with the latest business and technology trends and how they impact communication & creativity in the workplace.  As an avid reader of publications and blogs related to these issues, he is always one that is ready to engage in a healthy debate on the latest news and innovations.

As a husband and father of two children, Shaw not only has an invested interest in business and technology, but also health and fitness, as he has a passion for exercising regularly, eating right, and training for marathons. Here at Magnatag, Tom looks forward to sharing insights and informative content with all of you!

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