Big SafetyYear SafetyCross® magnetic whiteboard system with Custom Background Design

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All of the items listed below are included with this whiteboard kit.

Item #Qty.Description
BSY146B-X14' x 6' Big SafetyYear SafetyCross® magnetic whiteboard with 365-day Safety cross design and your custom printed background design
BSYM-CR58-GN400Green 5/8" circle magnets
BSYM-CR58-Y100Yellow 5/8" circle magnets
BSYM-CR58-R100Red 5/8" circle magnets
BSYM-YR26101Set of 10 magnetic years, 2x6" white on green
BX-P21Magnet Storage Box, transparent plastic, 13" x 9" x 2"

Board Option

Frame Color

Frame Option

Frame Option

Style:1 day magnets
QTYPrice Each
2 - 4$1085
5 - 9$1051
10 - 24$1018
25 +$984