T-Scan® Visible Card System on a RotoCube® floor system


All of the items listed below are included with this whiteboard kit.

Item #Qty.Description
RCQ78-TOWER1RotoCube® Rotating Bulletin Tower
RCFB761-TCK-B4T-Scan® file boards with 4 T-Card white steel slotted panels mounted on a RotoCube® rotating floor model Kiosk.
RCANCHORSTRAP4Optional floor anchors for RotoCube® Rotating Bulletin Tower
RC-MARQUEE-W1Package of 10 sheets card inserts in white perforated 2-up to fit RotoCube® marque top
DCD-11LetterEasy CD/ROM Card Keying Lettering System with templates for computer printing your Magnatag® Card Inserts and T-Cards
TCC1S800Single T Cards, 1" top, 20 each (white, yellow, light blue, light green, salmon, pink, gray, lavender, orange, beige)
FSC4A-A42Packages of 4 sheets (1536 total) FlashSpot 1/4" adhesive dot colored status labels, red, green, yellow, blue
TCMS1set of weekday printed labels to fit T-Card tops
TCJD1set of 12 month printed labels to fit T-Card tops
TC1311sheet(s) of six 1-31 date printed labels
TCAL1set of 28 action labels & blanks to fit T-Card tops

Card Type

58 Slot Columns:16
Holds T-Cards 1/2" Vis.:928
Holds T-Cards 1" Vis.:464
Overall h x w:76" x 19"
QTYPrice Each
2 - 4$1851
5 - 9$1794
10 - 24$1737
25 +$1680