Matte Finish Write-on 24" Magnet Strips

Size:1" x 24"
Package of:5
Price per pkg. of 5
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
Yellow (-Y)
White (-W)
Tan (-T)
Lt. Blue (-LBL)
Pink (-PK)
5 Asst. #1 (-1A5)
Bright Orange (-BRR)
Green (-GN)
Med Blue (-MBL)
Gray (-GY)
Orange (-O)
5 Asst. #2 (-2A5)
Lavender (-LV)
Red (-R)
Gold (-GD)
Brown (-BN)
Purple (-PR)
5 Asst. #3 (-3A5)
Dark Blue (-DBL)
Black (-K)
Order appropriate magnet marking pens here:
NOTE: These magnets have a matte finish
for use with damp erase pens only.
Dry erase whiteboard markers will stain them!

Order the same size gloss finish magnets
for use with dry erase whiteboard markers.