Top Quality White Board Construction:

We precision-form and hot-glue pressure-laminate the small-cell 1"-thick honeycomb core between the porcelain-like white steel printed face plate and a solid textured aluminum moisture-barrier back plate creating a warp-free board with incredible lightweight strength, durability, flatness and stability.

The MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel working surface is permanently heat-fused printed with black ink or color lines, lettering, and images for a lifetime of daily use staying like-new. It is NOT the printed plastic film surface layered over a steel sheet that others offer as "printed magnetic steel whiteboards or bright-white surfaces". Plastic film surfaces DO NOT LAST with daily use and look shabby in a short time. Our MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel working surface WILL NOT bubble, cut, dull, fade, crack, ink bleed, delaminate or get indelible marker ink stain built-up like plastic film working surfaces often do.

MagnaLux® steel whiteboards stay bright, sharp and like-new, day after day and year after year! Built by Magnatag® Visible Systems, Macedon, NY, USA and sold factory-direct only.

Whiteboard Video

Our whiteboards have a handsome, rugged satin aluminum engagable truss frame with strong impact-resistant radius corners and a double-laminated extra strong, small-cell honeycomb lightweight core for incredible durability. Satin-aluminum frames are available in silver, matte-black, walnut, cherry, or oakwood grain finishes. Our boards have our patented wall hangers designed to reduce accidental dislodgement and do not depend on the frame to hold them together.

All lines, words, and images are heat-fused printed into the porcelain-like steel working surface. The permanent flat hand-smooth printing is impervious to marker inks. There are no taped-on "bold lines" or adhesive letters. Be alert and ask before ordering printed magnetic dry-erase steel whiteboards from others: Steel or plastic working surface? Any tape or adhesive lettering? - the lines and letters are often taped-on or adhered, and the "steel boards" are often plastic film layered over steel. They don't last with daily use.

Patented Safety Hangers and wall anchors reduce accidental dislodgement. Caution: These boards are designed for interior use only. Do not use outdoors or in areas exposed to excessive heat or moisture.

Choose from 5 Frame Styles:

Select from Over 2300 Printed Whiteboard Systems in Stock!

Ready-to-use, field-proven kits, with MagnaLux® heat-fused printed
porcelain-like steel whiteboards and carefully-selected magnets & supplies

Posting information on the wall is one of the most effective, time-tested ways of communicating. It lets people read and absorb the message casually, at their own pace, in their own time and as often as they need. This website (and our catalog) offers hundreds of user-driven, real-world, magnetic, write-on, printed steel whiteboard systems for visual control of scheduling, planning, scoreboarding and sharing information with associates in your daily operations.

They're complete, ready-to-use, in well thought-out, easy-to-order kits that include everything needed to quickly set up and operate the system. We sell factory-direct, ship fast and stand behind them! We've developed thousands of these systems over the past 35 years working directly with managers in industry, business, hospitals, military, schools and institutions worldwide. These are systems field-proven to work, tailored for both specific and general applications. If you’d like help selecting or designing a system to fit your requirements, please call us (800 624 4154 - design desk). No obligation.

Fast, flexible & Easy to
set up, post & change!
       MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel working sur-
face, permanently heat fused printed
(shown here with 1-1/8” x 2-1/2” grid)

Create your own mag-
netic headings and titles
with the press-on die-cut
letter & number sets
magnet title blank

Magnetic index sets
(dates, mos., days, etc.)
Write directly on the board
in 4 colors with the dry-
erase pens
and markers.
Use line tape over the
printed lines to subdivide
Magnet signals in
10 colors highlight
items needing attention.
Use write-on
wipe-off plastic
laminated mag-
(10 colors)
for fast posting.
Magnetic Cardholders cling tightly
to the board but lift off & move easily.
Many sizes. Use the 10 cardholder
& 10 card insert colors to create up
to 100 color codes.
Prepare the perfor-ated card inserts on
your PC and printer, with our Letter-
PC card lettering system included
in each magnet kit with cardholders.
Each kit comes with the printed MagnaLux® whiteboard and Dry-erase write-on tools, whiteboard
maintenance supplies, and charting supplies. Optional magnets in various sizes, colors and
quantities are also available with each kit. Supplies are carefully selected to fit each kit application.
These are not “starter” kits, they are developed as ready-to-use systems with everything
needed to operate them.

Here’s an example of some of the items available in our ActionPlanner® kits: