Visible Systems

Artwork for Custom Printing

Magnatag can custom print your boards, overlay films or magnets to your specification.

You may provide artwork in many ways (additional charges may apply depending on its readiness for print output - contact us for details).

Vector Digital File Formats

  1. PDF (portable document format)
  2. EPS (encapsulated postscript)
  3. AI (Adobe Illustrator)
  4. DXF (AutoCAD Interchange File)
  5. DWG (AutoCAD Drawing)

Raster Digital File Formats (300dpi at 100%)

  1. PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
  2. TIF (tagged image format)
  3. BMP (Bit Map)

Custom Board Layout Specifications

  1. XLS (Microsoft Excel)
  2. Hand drawn sketch - FAX to (315) 986-4000
upload file

Magnatag can make framed boards in almost any size up to 4 feet high by 16 feet long or larger using multiple panels. Please carefully consider the size of the board you require and provide your artwork accordingly. The working area of a board (inside the frame) is 1" less than the size of the board in both height and width. Example: A 4' x 6' board (48" x 72") has a working area of 47" x 71". If the custom artwork is to be printed on a removable film overlay, 2 more inches must be subtracted from both the height and width to allow for the magnetic hold-down bars at the edges of the film.

Digital files should be emailed to: Hardcopy design documents can be faxed to (315) 986-4000. Full scale production ready prints should be mailed (rolled in a tube) to: Magnatag, 2031 O'Neill Road, Macedon NY 14502, Attn: Design Desk.

Please call (800) 624-4154 if you wish to discuss your needs with a trained design specialist.

Copyrights PLEASE NOTE: When you convey graphics to Magnatag® Visible Systems for reproduction as a MagnaMap®, whiteboard or other graphic presentation, you warrant to Magnatag® that you have the full rights, authority and permission to reproduce those graphics. We cannot allow the use of our services to reproduce unauthorized graphics and we reserve the right to refuse to print without reason.

Copyrights: Magnatag® retains the copyrights to all whiteboard or MagnaMap® board designs created or contributed to in whole or part by our Magnatag® designers, cartographers and employees. No reproduction of any kind is authorized. Infringers and violators will be prosecuted.