Goal and Results Tracking Magnetic Whiteboard System Kits

When action is expected, "What gets measured gets done".

Display progress against your goals on these boards, post milestones along the way, and then watch how the numbers motivate action to improve the way your team works.

These magnetic whiteboards are as flexible as your imagination and include all the magnets and charting materials needed to operate them.

#PETEnlargeEfficiency-Tracker ® Production Scoreboard
Production Efficiency-Tracker®

See hourly production goals and performance figures
with summary graphs and action assignments. 4x6'

#PAPEnlargePlan & Progress ™ Boards
Twin-Row Timeline Plan & Progress

Plan line-item's goals in the top timeline row then
post progress against it in the shaded row underneath. 5 Sizes

#KPIMVideoEnlargeKPI Month-Summary Scoreboards
Key Performance Indicator Month-Summary

Build a month's "Target-Met" or" Missed" pyramid
with daily magnets for each KPI topic. 1 to 12 Topics

#KPIVideoEnlargeKPI 31-Day Overview Scoreboards
KPI 31-day scoreboards with
daily performance details.

Build a magnetic 31-day daily "target-met" or
"target-missed" pyramid for each KPI topic, 1 to 8 Topics

#KRAEnlarge12 Month Key Results Tracker
12 Month Key Results Tracker®

View and compare month-to-month key
performance line items in your operation. 3 Sizes

#MISEnlargeMilestones Plan & Progress
Milestones Project Plan & Progress Tracker®

Post project goal and progress at each milestone for a
color-coded overview of your management picture. 4 Sizes

#SGPEnlargeGoal & Performance Scoreboards
Goal & Performance Scoreboards:

3 sizes. 9 to 16 performance categories x
11 to 22 columns (days, locations, etc.) 3 Sizes

#TGBEnlargeTargetBoard ™ Goals & Results

Compares Goal vs. Actual Performance for 6 line items in consecutive weeks, months and years

#WCIMEnlargeWhat? Who? When? Continuous Improvement Issue-Tracker ®
What? Who? When?
Continuous Improvement Issue-Tracker®

Engages every team member in managing Key Performance Issues, keeping them In-view and in-mind until resolved.

#PREEnlarge3-Shift, 7-14 day Plan and Results
Plan & Results 3-shifts x 7 or 14 days

Gives the grand production picture and the details.

#HSSEnlargeHot Issues ®
Hot Issues®

When you display your 20 hottest issues on this board,
they get resolved fast ...... It's as simple as that!

#PLNEnlargeProject Priority Tracker ®
Project Priority Tracker®

Quickly update and prioritize your team's projects, jobs
or tasks with long colored write-on magnets. 3 Sizes.

#DPPEnlargeDaily Production Performance
Daily Production Performance

When you put both good and bad production numbers
in full view at each work center you just know the
bad numbers won't stay that way very long! 4 Sizes

#CRKSEnlarge52 Week Goals vs Actual Sales for 16 Auto Dealer's Salespeople
52-Week Goal and Performance Tracker®

Double line-item rows for posting goal and actual

#TCHVideoEnlargeThermoCharts with Quick Change magnets
Fast & Accurate Magnetic ThermoCharts®

With unique numbered "mercury magnets". 5 Sizes

#CHMVideoEnlargeChartView ® Project ChartJacket ® Boards
Magnetic ChartView® Boards
with patented Magnetic ChartJackets®

Quickly display, change and transport protected
paper charts with no dog-ears, creases or wrinkles!

#CJKVideoEnlargeMagnetic Multiple Document Display ChartJackets ®
Transparent Magnetic Display ChartJackets®

Neatly display and change protected papers. 3 Sizes

#HONEnlargeHot or Not Thermometer Scoreboards
Hot or Not Thermometer Scoreboards

3 models with 5, 14 or 30 thermometers. 3 Sizes

#WHYEnlarge5-Why Root Cause & Corrective Action Board
5-Why Root Cause & Corrective Action Board

#SFCEnlargeSafetyCross ® Motivator
Magnetic SafetyCross® Workplace Safety
Interactive Motivational Sign.

Pride in safety "Comes Alive" when workers build and
take ownership of a solid Green Magnetic SafetyCross®.

#TWDEnlargeTwin Column ™ Line Tracker ® Boards
Twin-Column Magnetic White Board Kits

Display plan and actual figures for line items. 3 Sizes

#OWKEnlargeOur Week Thermometer Performance Scoreboard
Our Week Magnetic Dry-erase ThermoChart®

Dramatically display goals and results
in 5 or 7 open (day) columns 3x4'

#CHCEnlargeProgress ChallengeCharts
Magnetic ChallengeCharts

Bar and column charts with die-cut ArrowMagnets.
For contests and any progress against a scale.

#OWTEnlargeOur-Week ™ Action Plan
Our-Week Action Plan

Organize your week plan in detail

#AREEnlargeActivity Results ™ Dashboard
Activity Results Dashboard

Track the daily, weekly, and monthly performance
totals of 3 categories with 12-month summary graphs

#CRDTEnlarge31-Day Plan and Performance Tracker
31-Day Plan & Performance-Tracker®

2 rows for each line-item: daily goal & performance. 4x6'