#CC34WT , 3x4' (closed) 3' x 8' (open) ready-to-use with Magnet WakTacks® and dry-erase supplies   $1499
About our MagnaLux® Whiteboard
Surface and BoldLyne Frames

Use this handsome woodgrain laminate wall-mounted hinged-door cabinet to prepare your most confidential plans. They have two solid, piano-hinged doors that open flat to the wall.

Each cabinet has our porcelain-like steel whiteboard center panel (in plain, printed, your choice of over 400 of our different printed board systems or with your custom-printed whiteboard built-in). They can also be ordered with optional magnetic whiteboard door interiors that double your working space and include our patented transparent Grip-A-Sheet® document holding bar.

Cabinet doors open and close easily and include magnetic door catches and positive key lock.

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ConfiData® PrivatePlanner® Wall Cabinets with Key Lock
Handsome walnut laminate exterior with a plain or printed Magnetic Whiteboard System built-in and
optional whiteboard door interiors with document display bars or plain woodgrain door interiors. Includes wall-mounting hardware.

h x w
with White Steel
Interior Doors and
2 Document Hangers
with Woodgrain
Interior Doors
without hangers
Plain White Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34WT$1499#CC34WT-XD$1199
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44WT1899#CC44WT-XD1549
1" x 1" Grid Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34GS11T$1579#CC34GS11T-XD$1299
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44GS11T1899#CC44GS11T-XD1549
1" x 4" Grid Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34GR14T$1579#CC34GR14T-XD$1299
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44GR14T1899#CC44GR14T-XD1549
1-1/4" Rows Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34H14T$1579#CC34H14T-XD$1299
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44H14T1899#CC44H14T-XD1549
4" Columns Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34COL4T$1579#CC34COL4T-XD$1299
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44COL4T1899#CC44COL4T-XD1549
2 Month Calendar Center Panel
3' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC34CA2T$1579#CC34CA2T-XD$1299
4' x 4'8 ft.2 hinged#CC44CA2T1899#CC44CA2T-XD1549
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ConfiData® Cabinet depth from wall (doors closed) = 4"

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