#CHC41023HM 2x3' with 10 bar rows, ready-to-use with magnets and supplies   $419

Magnetic ChallengeCharts let you make dramatic bar and column performance boards. With the arrow's special design you can dramatize the achievement of a goal, by changing the color of the arrowhead as it reaches a taped colored goal line. It also includes Happy-Sad and Red-Green FlipOver® magnet symbols to silently telegraph your feedback. You can tailor the board to whatever scale values you want with the press-on removable die-cut numbers and letters. Identify individual rows or columns with color-coded magnetic cardholders. A card-keying template is included to make them neat and professional. Ideal for tracking progress in any kind of contest.

There is one 4" magnetic arrow and one arrowhead in red, green, blue or yellow for each row or column on the ChallengeChart. Additional arrows may be ordered below in 17 colors and other sizes for expanding the kit contents to display full bar charting.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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The ChallengeCharts
with big interlocking ArrowMagnets and
Magnetic 100 Increment Scale

hxwRows or

Horizontal Row ChallengeCharts™
2x3'10 rows#CHC41023HM$419
3x4'18 rows#CHC41834HM629
4x4'26 rows#CHC42644HM799
4x8'52 rows#CHC45248HM1149
Vertical Column ChallengeCharts™
3x2'10 columns#CHC41032VM$419
4x3'18 columns#CHC41843VM629
4x4'26 columns#CHC42644VM799
4x8'52 columns#CHC45248VM1149
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Kits include: Die-cut sets of nesting ArrowMagnets in 4 colors, magnetic 1" x 3" black cardholders, card inserts in 10 colors, CD/ROM card-keying template, PreciseLine tapes in solid and stripe colors (to create "goal lines" on the charts), Die-Cut adhesive vinyl number and letter sets for board titles and scale goal values, FlipOver® red / green Do-Done® and Happy-Sad magnets, extra-strong WakTack® magnets for tacking documents on the board, MagnaSnap® paper clamp, dry-erase markers and pens, magnetic eraser / pen holder, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner, lint-free board wipes and magnet storage box.

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Interlocking Arrow-Magnets
1-3/8"h. Die-cut Magnetic Tracking Arrows in 17 colors
to fit rows and columns on MagnaTag® whiteboard ChallengeCharts
ItemPrice Per set (pkg)
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
10 Piece ArrowMagnet™ Set in 1 color with arrowheads in 3 colors*
Individual ArrowMagnets™ in packages of 6 each per color.
4"x 1-3/8" Arrow$16$15$14$13$12#ARMG134-6PK
3"x 1-3/8" Arrow1514131211#ARMG133-6PK
2"x 1-3/8" Arrow1413121110#ARMG132-6PK
1"x 1-3/8" Arrowhead131211109#ARMG131-6PK
* 1-3/8"h Arrow-Magnet Set forms 1-3/8" x 26-1/2" long magnet bar or column when nesting interlocked. Set includes: five 4" arrows, one 3" arrow, one 2" arrow, and three 1/2" arrowheads, one in selected color plus two pre-selected different colors from arrow base color: (yellow-red, green-red or yellow-green)