#CRKYV34 . 3x4', 27 rows - 225 car working capacity. Ready-to-use with cards and supplies   $419

This is one of the most popular visible inventory control boards for in-stock vehicles we offer. The 3" x 4" vehicle data cards give you 24 sq. inches to post details of each vehicle (12 sq. in. on each side) and they come in 17 colors.

It comes with our Letter-Easy CD/ROM card-keying template for preparing the data cards (you can also handwrite or adhere printed labels to the cards). The card-pockets run the full width of the board so you can slide the data cards sideways, even overlap them.

US Patent #7,117,998

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The CarView Board
Visible Inventory Control for Auto Dealers
h x wVehicles
3" x 4"
Data Cards
in 17 colors

2' x 3'100178408 (4 pkgs.)#CRKYV23$309
3' x 4'2252711918 (9 pkgs.)#CRKYV34419
4' x 4'32536111224 (12 pkgs.)#CRKYV44629
4' x 6'46536161632 (15 pkgs.)#CRKYV46809
4' x 8'60036201836 (18 pkgs.)#CRKYV48959
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Includes: 3" x 4" vehicle data cards perforated 6-up on letter size sheets in 17 colors, Letter-Easy PC card lettering system for use with your desktop printer and FlashSpot 1/2" dot status labels in 5 colors.

Click to order Extra 3" x 4" Vehicle Data Cards for this system. Extra cards (perforated 6-up in packages of 102 cards) may be selected by individual colors or 17 assorted.

** Working capacity with room to expand about 15%.

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IMPORTANT: Please measure your space for wall-mounting the board. Boards include wall-mounting hardware.

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