Frequently Asked Questions

Company Information

  1. What is your mailing address?
    • Our manufacturing facility and offices are located at:
      Magnatag Visible Systems 2031 O’Neill Rd. Macedon, NY 14502-8953
  2. What is your Federal ID number?
    • 72-1542679
  3. What is your privacy policy?
    • We are committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. Personal, company and credit information will be kept confidential. We do not rent, sell or trade customer information. Click here for more information.

Ordering Information

  1. How do I place an Order?
    • Order direct on line at
    • By phone at 800 624 4154
    • By fax at 315 986 4000
    • By Email:
    • Or by mail to:
      Magnatag Visible Systems
      Attn: Order Department
      2031 O'Neill Rd
      Macedon, NY 14502-8953
  2. What is your guarantee?
    • If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, return it within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked!
  3. What types of payment do you accept?
    • Magnatag® is a credit card marketer. All prices are in U.S. Dollars. accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and purchase cards including GSA SmartPay for shipment within the USA. Credit cards are charged after shipment is made. Credit card processors require address verification for your protection. Phone, mail, email, and fax orders can be paid by credit card, electronic transfers (EFT) and by check, payable to Magnatag Visible Systems. Prices are subject to change without notice. Magnatag® does not honor and will not pay transaction fees associated with purchases made by state and local agencies.
  4. Do you Require a minimum order?
    • Yes.  There is a $40 minimum for all orders.
  5. Do you have a GSA contract?
    • Yes, our contract number is GS-28F-0010Y and our cage code number is 56-585.
  6. Will there be tax charged to my order?
    • State sales tax will be added to orders shipped within New York State, USA, unless an authorized New York State sales tax exemption is on file with our office before shipment. New Customers in New York State: Please fax your exemption form to 315-986-4000 with your order number clearly noted. All other taxes, fees or assessments that may apply to your order are the responsibility of the purchaser to remit to the appropriate taxing authority.
  7. Are the prices the same online as in the catalog?
    • Yes
  8. Do you offer volume pricing?
    • Yes. Volume prices are displayed on our website on the order page for each product. They are not shown in the catalog to conserve space but will be applied to every order regardless of how it is placed.
  9. Is my credit card information safe with you?
    • Yes. This website is secured using a VeriSign Class 3 Extended Validation Security Certificate. This ensures that all information you send to us via the World Wide Web will be encrypted.
  10. Can I buy your products in a store?
    • No, in order to insure product selection appropriateness, quality completeness and timely delivery, we sell direct from our factory office, assemble our products to order and ship direct to you from our factory only.
  11. I need to re-order, but I'm not sure of the item code or the size that I need.
  12. What is your return policy?

   Merchandise returned within 30 days in good, resalable condition with freight prepaid will be accepted, no questions asked.  After 30 days, authorization is required and there is a 15% restocking charge.  Please contact customer service by phone at 800 624 4154, by email at or by fax at 315-986-4000 for return authorization.  Custom printed and built products and orders consigned outside the lower 48 contiguous United States are not returnable.


Product Information

  1. What is the difference between a ‘T’ write-on board kit and an ‘M’ magnet board kit?
    • The ‘T’ kit comes with write-on tools including pens, eraser, cleaner, board wipes. The ‘M’ kit includes the write-on ‘T” kit PLUS all the carefully selected magnets and charting supplies needed to operate the specific kit. Both 'T' and 'M' kits come with the same permanently heat-fused printed magnetic dry-erase MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel white board. To see exactly what comes with each board click on the part number in the price chart to see a listing of everything included with the kit.
  2. How do I hang my new board?
    • Your BoldLyne® framed Magnatag® board comes with two hanging options: Patented Safety Hooks and FrameKlamp SlideChannel wall hangers. You can view a video of the two options here or download the instructions for either by clicking these links: Safety Hook Installation  FrameKlamp Installation.  Fastener hardware is not included. Please make sure the fasteners you use are appropriate for your wall.
  3. What kind of pens should I use on my board?
    • For best results use the Magnatag® PandaBoard® dry-erase markers provided with your board.
  4. How do I clean my board?
    • For best results use the Magnatag® Panda® Brand Cleaner and Conditioner with the large lint-free board wipes provided with your board.  Also see Care & Cleaning section below.
  5. What do I do if someone uses a permanent marker on my whiteboard?
    • Some permanent marker ink can be removed by tracing over the permanent ink with a dry-erase pen. In addition, the Magnatag board cleaner and conditioner will also remove some permanent marker inks. Call one of our customer representatives at 800-624-4154 for other suggestions. Don’t use any aggressive cleaners on the board.
  6. How rugged are Magnatag® boards?
    • Our MagnaLux® magnetic dry-erase writing surface has permanently heat-fused printed hand-smooth lines, lettering and graphics and built for a lifetime of intensive daily use, staying clean and like new. Large hospital emergency rooms with over 50,000 patients a year continually write, erase and use magnets on our Magnatag® boards (that's over 150 writes and erases a day) to post patient status and critical medical information. Some of our competitor's boards are not designed, nor recommended for everyday use (they even tell you that in the fine print footnotes on their web sites) and will not remain fully functional or maintain their appearance for years like Magnatag® boards do. We do a sizable business replacing worn-out boards made by other companies. For construction details of our boards click MagnaLux®.
  7. What type of markers or pens can I use to write on magnets?
    • Our standard magnets have a glossy film surface.  You can use both damp-erase and dry-erase markers on them.  Use damp-erase markers for semi-permanent information.  This ink will require a damp cloth to erase.  Use dry-erase markers for temporary or frequently changed information.  Dry-erase marker ink comes off with a standard whiteboard eraser or a dry cloth.
  8. Do you offer magnets with a matte finish?
    • Yes.  There is a link to matte finish magnets on most magnet web pages or contact us at 800 624 4154 to order. Write on matte finish magnets with DAMP-ERASE PENS ONLY.  Dry-erase pens will permanently stain them.
  9. How do I get an MSDS for your Magnatag Panda Brand Cleaner and Conditioner?
    • Please call and request one at 800 624 4154. There is also a copy included in the package with each bottle of the cleaner.
  10. How do I know what comes in the board kit?
    • Click on the board item code in the price chart for a detailed list of the kit contents. From here you can order additional quantities of specified kit items, if needed, by clicking on the links to those items in the list.  Call us at 800 624 4154 with any questions about what comes with your whiteboard.
  11. What else will I need for my new board?
    • You get everything you see in the photo on line and more. Ours are not just starter kits; we include everything needed to do the job the board was designed to do. To see exactly what comes with each board, click on the item code in the price chart to view the kit contents or call us at 800 624 4154 for more information.
  12. Will your board fit on my wall?
    • Before ordering, carefully measure your wall space. Some large boards, 4' x 8' or larger, may not fit in some elevators or go around sharp corners or up tight staircases. Please measure before ordering.
  13. Do you make custom printed whiteboards?
    • Yes, our unique heat-fused printing process permanently prints your design onto the  MagnaLux® porcelain-like steel whiteboard surface, designed for a lifetime of intensive daily use, staying clean and like new. Please click on the following link for more information:
  14. You have so many boards and products, how do I find what I need?
    • Email us at or call us at 800 624 4154 and ask to speak with one of our experienced system design specialists. There is no charge for this service.
  15. Can I get my board on a stand or in a wall case?
    • Yes. We manufacture all the boards, magnets and accessories we offer, so most of our boards can be ordered in a variety of stands, cases and other unique display mode features. Click on the board item number in the price list and then select the Frame & Options tab to see the stand and wall cabinet options available.  You can also select your frame color option, whiteboard tray and other features from this tab. If you don't see what you're looking for, call us at 800 624 4154 and speak to a system design specialist to help you select or create what you need.
  16. Can I purchase a board without a frame?
    • Sorry, we do not offer our whiteboards without frames attached.  The frame is an important part of the structural integrity of the board.

Shipping & Handling

  1. How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    • Most products leave our factory in Upstate NY in three days or less. Large, custom or modified orders may take 5 days or more. Magnets, supplies, accessories and boards 3’x4’ or smaller) ship via UPS, FEDEX or DHL and have a 3-5 day transit time. Larger items ship by truck and take approximately three days to the east coast, seven days to the west coast. We ship FOB origin for shipment inside the continental US. Exports are shipped intercom CPT.
      Please NOTE: In the aftermath of hurricane or other disasters, timely deliveries to the afflicted areas may be curtailed or delayed. Please contact us for shipping available and status on specific orders to these areas.
  2. Can I specify freight collect shipping?
    • Yes. Give us your carrier’s name, your account number with them along with their phone number and we will arrange for pickup at our facility.
  3. Can I track my order online?
    • Order status and tracking information is available here.
  4. What do I do when my shipment arrives?
    • Inspect thoroughly for any signs of damage and note any damage to the delivery carrier. We will assist you with the claims process and get you a replacement if called for.
  5. My products arrived damaged, what do I do?
    • Refuse the shipment and contact us as soon as possible by phone at 800-624-4154.
  6. Do you ship to APO and FPO addresses?
    • Yes, please contact us for APO and FPO shipping information.
  7. For large package freight shipments, what is the difference between Freight, Lift-Gate, and Front Door Service
    • Freight Service is a standard delivery service to facilities with raised loading docks.  The driver is not responsible for unloading the package from the truck. 
    • Lift-Gate Service is for facilities without a raised loading dock.   The shipment is delivered on a truck equipped with a platform which can lower the package to the ground. 
    • With Front Door Service, the driver will bring the package to the front door of your facility
    • With all service types, a person must be available to receive, accept and transport the merchandise.
  8. Always inspect the package and note any damage to the packaging or contents. For obvious damage, refuse the shipment and contact us by phone at 800 624 4154 as soon as possible

Care & Cleaning: MagnaLux® Whiteboard Surface

  1. Initial cleaning after installation
    • After wall-mounting your whiteboard, give it an initial cleaning using Magnatag® Whiteboard Cleaner & Conditioner and lint-free board wipes to remove any dust or debris that may have collected during shipping.
  2. Using Magnatag® Whiteboard Cleaner & Conditioner
      1. Erase the whiteboard.
      2. Spray whiteboard cleaner over the whiteboard surface ensuring even coverage.
      3. Wait 5-10 seconds, then wipe the board in a regular pattern using a clean, dry, lint-free board wipe.  Allow any excess moisture to air dry.
      4. Repeat if necessary until all ink marks and residue are removed.
  3. How often should I clean my whiteboard?
    • The frequency of cleaning depends on usage and environmental factors.
    • Here are some guidelines:
        • with average use, cleaning the board once per week should be sufficient
        • clean after events with heavy usage
        • clean when it begins to stain or build up residue
        • clean when it goes unused for extended periods (greater than one week)
  4. How can I reduce board staining?
        • Follow all Care & Cleaning guidelines.
        • Do not use permanent markers or low quality dry-erase markers on the whiteboard.  Name brand markers work best.
        • Only use whiteboard cleaner & conditioner and soft, clean cloths or wipes to clean the board.
        • DO NOT USE standard kitchen & bath cleaners, industrial cleaners or solvents or isopropyl alcohol to clean your board.
  5. Why does ink sometimes smudge when I erase?
    • Wait at least 10 seconds before erasing dry-erase pen ink.  Dry-erase pens contain a solvent, which quickens ink-drying time (about 5-10 seconds).  Erasing before the solvent evaporates can cause smudging and/or staining of the board.
  6. What pens and cleaner are best for my whiteboard?
    • Magnatag® brand whiteboard pens and board cleaner are designed for use on our MagnaLux® whiteboard surface.  Other brand name, commercially available dry-erase markers also work well.  Lesser quality, discount brands tend to stain more.
  7. Why does Magnatag® Cleaner & Conditioner have a strong scent?
    • The strong scent is due to the pine oil ingredient, which is removing ink residue and maintaining the dry-erase surface of the steel.  Always ensure adequate ventilation when cleaning the board.  The scent will dissipate after a few minutes.
  8. Are Magnatag® whiteboards weatherproof?
    • No.  Magnatag® whiteboards are designed for indoor use only.  They should not be exposed to weather elements such as heat, cold, moisture, rain, ice or high humidity.  These conditions can cause warping or other problems.  Keep your Magnatag® whiteboard in climate-controlled areas for years of trouble-free use.