Magnets and Charting Supplies for Hospitals

Our almost unlimited range of top quality magnet and chart supply colors, shapes, types and functions gives you instantly moveable, attention-getting graphic tools that quickly communicate exact status information to your hospital whiteboard viewers.

We manufacture them to order for you (many patented). If you don't see the item you need, Contact us. we may have it or can make it for you. Our 48th year.

#CHVideoEnlargeMagnetic Cardholders and Card Inserts with Keying Template
Magnetic Cardholders and Card Inserts

41 sizes in 11 colors, and card inserts in 16 colors

#CDEnlargeCardholder Card Inserts (Computer Print)
Cards Inserts to fit Magnatag® whiteboard magnetic and adhesive cardholders. 18 colors x 47 sizes

#LDUBVideoEnlarge2-Sided FlipOver ® LongLine ™ Write-on Magnets
LongLine Write-on Magnets

Move a full line of data on one long magnet.
2-Sided. 5 sizes

#SVideoEnlargeDie-Cut Write-on Symbol Magnets
Whiteboard Magnet Symbols and Signals (1 sided)

Flag deadlines, status, bottlenecks, checkpoints
and action points on your whiteboard 17 colors. Many sizes

#WMSBVideoEnlargeWrite-on Magnet Strips
12" & 24" Magnet Strips

Use Damp-Erase or Dry-Erase Pens and Markers

#WMDBVideoEnlargeWrite-on Magnets in die-cut sizes
MagnaTags®; Die-Cut Write-on Magnets

44 Sizes to fit whiteboard grids. 17 colors.
Dry and Damp Erase

#KMVideoEnlargeStick-Anywhere ™ MagnaSnap ® Note Holder Magnetic Paper Clip
Stick-Anywhere MagnaSnap® Paper Clamps

Hinged-Magnet press-on adhesive-backed
clam grips 5 or more sheets. 3 Sizes. Patented.

#WAKVideoEnlargeWakTack ® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack Magnets
WakTack® Extra-Strong Rare Earth Magnets

Holds 10 paper sheets or 6 oz. of keys on steel surfaces.

#TPVideoEnlargePreciseLine ® Tapes for Whiteboards and Maps
PreciseLine® Letter Alignment Tapes

Align magnetic and adhesive die-cut letters and numbers against a line of this tape and then remove the tape.

#MMPEnlargeLabelMount ® Magnet in Rolls
LabelMount® Magnet Rolls; 7 colors

Magnetize and color-tag computer labels on warehouse
steel shelves, bins, equipment or your scheduling board.

#MAEnlargeMagnet-Mount ® Adhesive backed Magnet in Rolls
Magnet Rolls: Adhesive-back MagnetMount®

To magnetize signs, almost anything, press-apply
scissor-cut pieces to reverse side. 4 widths, 2 Strengths

#HTUVideoEnlargeGrip-a-Sheet ® Transparent Document display bars
Grip-A-Sheet® transparent sheet display bars

Use on walls, doors, cabinets, any flat surface. 7 Sizes

#FODVideoEnlarge2-Sided FlipOver ® Do-Done ® Symbol Magnets
2-Sided FlipOver®
Magnet Symbols

Turn over green to show red when action is needed.
6 Sizes, 17 colors, Circles & squares

#CJKVideoEnlargeMagnetic Multiple Document Display ChartJackets ®
Transparent Magnetic Display ChartJackets®

Neatly display and change protected papers. 3 Sizes

#TJCEnlargeCard Jackets ™ (Magnetic & Adhesive) and Card Inserts
Transparent Vinyl Card Jackets
for document display

Magnetic, Adhesive-backed or plain. 5 Sizes & edge colors

#CEEnlargeStrong Ceramic Symbol Magnets
Strong Ceramic Whiteboard Magnets

Bright, glossy industrial enamel finish. 6 shapes, 5 colors

#TGEnlargeShelf Tag Write On Magnets
Write-on Reusable Magnetic Shelf Tags

Damp-Erase or Dry-Erase 36 Sizes, 17 colors

#MHVideoEnlargeFlipOver ® Happy-Sad ™ Smiley Magnets
Happy-Sad Magnet FlipOver® Symbols

Turn it over to show how you feel. 3 Sizes.

#LNDEnlargeIndividual Die-Cut Exact-Letters ® Magnetic or Adhesive
Exact Letter®, Individual Die-Cut Characters

Order just the ones you need. Magnetic or adhesive.
Sizes to 23", 24 Colors, 5 Font styles, Indoors or Out

#MDEnlargeSets of Magnetic Die Cut letter or Numbers
Sets of Magnetic Die Cut letter or Numbers

They cling tight to steel surfaces, indoors or out. 3 Sizes

#XVideoEnlargeIndex Set Whiteboard Magnets
Index Sets; Printed Whiteboard Magnet sets

Sized to fit the whiteboard grids
in either the 1/2" or 1" grid scale.

#CGPEnlargeCard Grip ™ Magnetic or Adhesive Transparent Channel Strips
CardGrip open-top Cardholder Channels

Magnetic or Adhesive-backed transparent. 8 Sizes

#LTKVideoEnlargeFlashTack ® LED Signal Magnets
LED FlashTacks® Whiteboard Magnet Lights

Blinking or Steady-Glow 4 Colors.

#FOSEnlargeFlipOver ® Printed 2-Sided Sign Magnets
FlipOver® FlashSigns

2-sided opposite-word magnets. 3 sizes