Magnetic Dry-erase Whiteboard
System Kits for Hospitals

Magnatag® hospital whiteboards are top-quality, designed to stay like new for lifetime of daily hospital use.

These are efficient, comprehensive and easy-to-use boards for managing hospital patient-staff communication, time, schedules, notes, patient-tracking and more.

We've designed and built them from daily dialog with hospital management for over 47 years. Each board kit is ready-to-use with all the carefully-selected magnets and supplies needed to operate them.

To order custom-printed boards, please contact us or call one of our whiteboard specialists at 800 624 4154. No obligation. We ship factory-direct in 3 business days or less.

Surgery Schedule
with LongMagnetsSurgery Schedule with LongMagnets ™ Enlarge
Hospital Patient
Bedside framed boardsHospital Patient Bedside framed boardsVideoEnlarge
2-Sided LongMagnetsWrite-on 2-Sided LongMagnets ™ Enlarge
Basic Magnetic Surgery ScheduleBasic Magnetic Surgery ScheduleEnlarge
Ambulatory Surgery ScheduleAmbulatory Surgery ScheduleEnlargeOut-Patient
Surgery ScheduleOut-Patient Surgery ScheduleEnlarge
Individual Patient Care
Portable MiniBoardsIndividual Patient Care Portable MiniBoardsEnlarge
Magnetic WhiteboardsCustom-Printed Magnetic WhiteboardsVideoEnlarge
Admissions and
Bed Census ControlAdmissions and Bed Census Control ™ Enlarge
Patient ProgressE.R. Patient ProgressEnlarge
E.R. Patient Tracker®E.R. Patient Tracker ® EnlargeStick-Anywhere
MagnaSnap® Note Holder
Magnetic Paper ClipStick-Anywhere ™ MagnaSnap ® Note Holder Magnetic Paper ClipVideoEnlarge
Transparent Document display barsGrip-a-Sheet ® Transparent Document display barsVideoEnlarge
TimeSlot-Planner 15 & 30 Minute Patient SchedulesTimeSlot-Planner ™ 15 & 30 Minute Patient SchedulesEnlargePre-OP
HoldingPre-OP HoldingEnlarge
Plain Magnetic Steel WhiteboardsPlain Magnetic Steel WhiteboardsVideoEnlarge
ShadeLine® Row
Printed WhiteboardsShadeLine ® Row Printed WhiteboardsEnlarge
Plain White MiniBoards, dry-erase or damp-erasePlain White MiniBoards ™ , dry-erase or damp-eraseEnlargeMiniBoards
Printed to OrderMiniBoards Printed to OrderEnlarge
Magnetic 365 Day Planning CalendarMagnetic 365 Day Planning CalendarVideoEnlarge
Magnetic Multiple Document Display ChartJackets®Magnetic Multiple Document Display ChartJackets ® VideoEnlargePatient Procedure SchedulePatient Procedure Schedule ™ EnlargeO.R.
Portable MiniboardsO.R. Portable MiniboardsEnlarge
ChartMaker® BoardsPatient ChartMaker ® BoardsEnlarge
Patient-Staff &
CommentsPatient-Staff & CommentsEnlarge
SituationE.R. SituationEnlarge
24 Hour Plan
and Schedule24 Hour Plan and ScheduleEnlarge
WakTack® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack MagnetsWakTack ® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack MagnetsVideoEnlarge
Patient RegisterE.R. Patient RegisterEnlarge
Therapy Plan and TimePatient Therapy Plan and TimeEnlarge
StaffWeek 7-Day
Unit Work ScheduleStaffWeek ™ 7-Day Unit Work ScheduleEnlarge
Printed 7-Day
Portable MiniBoardsPrinted 7-Day Portable MiniBoardsEnlarge
IntakeE.R. IntakeEnlarge
MasterPlanner® Grids
All-Purpose Board KitsMasterPlanner ® Grids All-Purpose Board KitsEnlarge
Nursing Unit
Portable MiniBoardsNursing Unit Portable MiniBoards ™ Enlarge
Nurse, Patient
Staff & StatusNurse, Patient Staff & StatusEnlarge
Holding Area StatusO.R Holding Area StatusEnlarge
Patient LineUpE.R. Patient LineUpEnlarge
E.R. Patient
Listing & DispositionE.R. Patient Listing & DispositionEnlarge
On-Call BoardsHospital On-Call BoardsEnlarge
Nursing Team
Patient AssignmentNursing Team Patient AssignmentEnlarge
Staff Locator
Staff Locator ™ Enlarge
In-Out, Name &
Write-A-NoteIn-Out, Name & Write-A-NoteEnlarge
Surgery ScheduleAmbulatory Surgery ScheduleEnlarge
Respiratory Therapy Ventilator ScheduleRespiratory Therapy Ventilator ScheduleEnlargePre-Op Patient
Exam StatusPre-Op Patient Exam StatusEnlarge
U-Design-It® ChartMaker®
Whiteboard KitU-Design-It ® ChartMaker ® Whiteboard KitEnlarge
Magnetic Cardholders and Card Inserts with Keying TemplateMagnetic Cardholders and Card Inserts with Keying TemplateVideoEnlarge
Magnet StripsWrite-on Magnet StripsVideoEnlarge
Write-on Magnets
in die-cut sizesWrite-on Magnets in die-cut sizesVideoEnlarge
Die-Cut Write-on
Symbol MagnetsDie-Cut Write-on Symbol MagnetsVideoEnlarge
PreciseLine® Tapes for
Whiteboards and MapsPreciseLine ® Tapes for Whiteboards and MapsVideoEnlarge
Magnet in RollsLabelMount ® Magnet in RollsEnlarge
Magnetic Steel WhiteWall® Wall PanelsMagnetic Steel WhiteWall ® Wall PanelsVideoEnlargePlanView® 3 to 10 track
Slide Panel CabinetsPlanView ® 3 to 10 track Slide Panel CabinetsVideoEnlarge
RotoCube® Rotating Bulletin TowersRotoCube ® Rotating Bulletin TowersVideoEnlarge
Individual Die-Cut
Magnetic or AdhesiveIndividual Die-Cut Exact-Letters ® Magnetic or AdhesiveEnlarge
2-Sided FlipOver® Do-Done® Symbol Magnets2-Sided FlipOver ® Do-Done ® Symbol MagnetsVideoEnlargeE.R.
Patient ListingE.R. Patient ListingEnlarge
LineUp ScheduleSurgery LineUp ™ ScheduleEnlarge
Patient ProcessE.R. Patient ProcessEnlarge
Status FlowE.R. Status FlowEnlarge
Speed-Posting Printed Magnets for HospitalsSpeed-Posting ™ Printed Magnets for HospitalsEnlargeE.R.
Patient Care ActivityE.R. Patient Care ActivityEnlarge
15 & 30 Minute
Schedules15 & 30 Minute SchedulesEnlarge
Patient-Caregiver Assignment PlannerPatient-Caregiver Assignment Planner ™ EnlargePre-OP Post-OP
Patient TrackerPre-OP Post-OP Patient TrackerEnlarge
Patient Listing ConsultE.R. Patient Listing ConsultEnlarge
Telemetry ScheduleTelemetry ScheduleEnlargePatients CommentsPatients CommentsEnlargeOn-Duty
Quick Change BoardsOn-Duty ™ Quick Change BoardsEnlarge
Patient Notes Board for Nursing StationPatient Notes Board for Nursing StationEnlarge
Directory LocatorPatient Directory LocatorEnlarge
30-Minute DayPlannerPatient's 30-Minute DayPlanner ™ Enlarge