Letter Size Vertical#HXMX-PW19$20
Letter Size Horizontal#HXMX-PW91$20

Hang them on the wall, door, or any vertical surface, etc. with the key-hole slot hanger which swivels flat behind the board when used portable. Lift it off the wall to write on it. It has a built-in spring pen clip and comes with a damp-erase or dry-erase black pen. Carry it to wherever you need to record or refer to the data, then rehang it when done. Top quality, fast delivery and low prices in quantity.

Custom printed MiniBoards also available at HXMCU.

Ledger Size Vertical#HXMX-PW71$30
Ledger Size Horizontal#HXMX-PW17$30
Tabloid Size Vertical#HXMX-PW28$42
Tabloid Size Horizontal#HXMX-PW82$42