Magnetic In-Out Whiteboard System Kits

These boards offer lots of ways to quickly find your people.

Select one of these flexible magnetic kits from this broad range of in-out board designs, tailor it to display the details of your people traffic flow and mount it in a prominent position at or near a busy traffic way so each person just moves a magnet next to their name as they arrive, leave or move about.

One glance shows everyone's in and out status.

#IREnlargeIn-Out Return and Note
In-Out Return & Write-a Note 3 Sizes

People move a magnet to check themselves in and out.

#IMEnlargeIn-Out, Name & Write-A-Note
In-Out & Write-a-Note 3 Sizes

A few eye-catching words makes this board really work.

#IOEnlargeIn-Out and Name
In-Out Name. 3 Sizes

Who's In and who's Out with just a glance.

#ATEnlarge365-Day Attendance- Vacation Schedule
365-Day Attendance Tracking and Vacation Monitor

Spot absentee patterns, motivate attendance plan vacations, training, duty and travel assignments. 3 Sizes

#STWEnlargeIn-Out 5 or 7-day StaffingWeek
StaffingWeek Work Schedules:
5 or 7-Day In & Out Boards

for Volunteers, or part-time or people. 5 Sizes

#PEEnlargeIn-Out, Lunch, Location, & Write-a-Note Boards
In-Out, Lunch & Location. 2 Sizes

One glance gives you the situation on each person.

#SFTEnlargeStaffTracker ™ In-Out Locator Boards
StaffTracker In-Out Personnel Locator

Where is everybody? How do I reach them?
What's the message? 3 Sizes

#XMSEnlargeMeeting Schedule
See and schedule meetings with all the details

#UDEnlargeIn-Out Multi Locations Magnetic Boards
U-Design-It In-Out Magnetic Boards. 3 Sizes

When it's not enough to know if someone is "IN" or "OUT"

#IOFEnlargeIn-Out 5 & 7 Day Travel Schedule
In-Out 5 & 7 day travel schedules. 2 Sizes

Post daily travel, activity, job assignment or
location plans for a week for 18 or 35 people!

#IOACEnlargeIn-Out Accountability
In-Out Accountability

#ONEnlargePeople-Out ™ Location & Return
People-Out Location & Return. 2 Sizes

People write their destination and return information

#HXLTEnlargeStaff Locator ™
Staff Locator

#HXOOEnlargeStaff Duty Status ™
Staff Duty Status Boards

See who is covering each position,
is on duty, off duty and at lunch. 3 Sizes

#HXDTEnlargeOn-Duty ™ Quick Change Boards
On Duty Quick-Change

Magnetic dry-erase Board. 2 Sizes

#IMCEnlargeIn Out, Message & Bulletin Board
In-Out-Name-Message and Bulletin Board

Combined with a write-on magnetic whiteboard
or a FabricTack® bulletin panel. 2 Sizes

#ODLEnlargeOn-Duty Staff Locator
On-Duty Staff Locator 6 Sizes

In-Out and where staff is located throughout the day

#IRCEnlargeIn Out Return Combo Board
In-Out Name & Return & Bulletin Board. 2 Sizes

#IOCEnlargeIn Out Name & Bulletin Board
In-Out Name Bulletin Boards. 2 Sizes

Make sure everyone reads the day's news and notices

#ICEnlargeTripTracker ® Boards

Vehicles and people on the road? Track them and
keep them in view with this board system. 3 Sizes

#MCCEnlargeIn-Out MessageCenter ™
In-Out MessageCenter

Place MessageCenter where your staff can check themselves in and out by turning over the 2-sided printed IN-OUT magnet.

#HXCAEnlargeOn-Call Boards
On Call Boards. 2 Sizes

with big 1-3/8"x 8" Magnetic Names and Positions plus a
contact information column you can read across the room.

#EMCMTEnlargeCrisis Team In-Out Status
Crisis Management Team In-Out Status

In a workplace safety crisis you can immediately see which team members are available.

#HXSWEnlargeStaffWeek ™ 7-Day Unit Work Schedule
StaffWeek 7 day Unit work Schedule

See who or what is scheduled, when,
where and doing what! 3x4' 18 names

#HXSTEnlargeQuick-Change Unit StaffBoards ™
Quick-Change Magnetic StaffBoards 6 Sizes

As staff shifts change reposition the magnetic cardholders

#CLOEnlargeIn-Out Contact Locator
Magnetic Contact-Locator

One glance shows who’s In-Out, their contact numbers, status, location, availability and comments. 4 Sizes

#NOCREnlargeIn & Out Magnets
In & Out Board Magnets

EasyGrip 5/8" magnets to fit In & Out Boards

#WAKVideoEnlargeWakTack ® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack Magnets
WakTack® Extra-Strong Rare Earth Magnets

Holds 10 paper sheets or 6 oz. of keys on steel surfaces.

#COMEnlargeCheck-Out and Reservations Monitor
Check-Out and Reservations Monitor. 3 Sizes

See the status, location and availability of each item!


There are more complicated needs that can be met as well. In businesses that involve travel, an in/out whiteboard can be customized with off-site locations. Off-site offices like construction offices and direct sales offices can definitely use this organization tool!

There are a variety of on-call boards that hospitals can use to signify quickly who is on call in what department. Contact information can be listed so that off site or on-call employees can be brought in. Managing part-time workers or volunteers can be easier with in/out dry erase boards in a five or seven day work week board. Full-timers who travel a great deal can also utilize these weekly schedules

For a more nine-to-five type of work environment, in/out magnetic boards can be used to keep track of vacations. Long-term project-based offices, such as print shops, can use this design to plan for coverage. Magnetic in/out boards include kits and writing tools.