#KB-JL34 3x4' holds 11 cards per row in 27 rows. Ready-to-use with cards and supplies   $459

Organize build-cards on this CardView® Job-Load board at the work cell or machine. Line them up daily for a week or more. Kits have printed day and date cards. Arrange them in any position with other headings (HOLD, MATERIAL, DONE, etc.). The 17 card colors and status dot labels (5 colors) give you unlimited coding and grouping that cuts "card-reading" time to a minimum.

Also see Kanban board systems: Daily-Build, On-Hand, Next-Job, Do-Done

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The Daily Job-Load Board
Kanban CardView® System
h x wRows4" w Cards
per row
Card Display
Price Each (all alike)
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
18" x 24"12560$229$223$215$209$201#KB-JL82
2' x 3'178136299291280272264#KB-JL23
3' x 4'2711297459445431417405#KB-JL34
4' x 4'3611396609590573554537#KB-JL44
4' x 6'3617612779755733708686#KB-JL46
4' x 8'3623828999969939908878#KB-JL48
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Includes: 3"h x 4"w cards 6-up in letter-size sheets in 17 colors, FlashSpot 1/2" status dot labels in 5 colors, printed headings for this system and Letter-Easy PC card lettering system.

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IMPORTANT: Please measure your space for wall-mounting the board. Boards include wall-mounting hardware.

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