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Visually motivate everyone in your workplace by keeping their eyes on the Key Performance Indicators that make your organization successful. Watch as your teams work daily to complete a solid green monthly "target-met" magnetic KPI-Pyramid for each KPI topic you create: (production, quality, shipping, inventory, sales, revenue, etc. )

Each printed KPI-Pyramid is divided into 31 numbered day triangles, with a set of FlipOver® 2-sided 2-1/2" red-green triangle magnets to fit showing "target met or missed" and also comes with a large 2" x 14" magnetic cardholder and cards to post your specific KPI Topic.

OPTION: Consider 31-Day KPI-Pyramid board kits with 31 daily posting rows

At no extra cost you can order this board with your custom-printed board headings (or leave them blank). Just click on the board # in the price chart below and follow the "Modify Board" step-by-step instructions.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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** The Month-Summary KPI-Pyramid
Key Performance Indicators
Magnetic Motivational Scoreboard Kits with Magnets
(Large bold size KPI-Pyramids you can read from 20 feet.)
(KPI Topics)
FlipOver® 2-sided
Red-green 2-1/2"
Triangle Magnets
in kit (sets of 35)

on Roll-Around
1-Sided Stand
(Alum. backed)
on Roll-Around
2-Sided Stand
(Magnetic steel
Plain Whiteboard Back)
2' x 2'135 (1 set)#KPIM122M$259
4' x 2'270 (2 sets)#KPIM242M489
4' x 4'4140 (4 sets)#KPIM444M669#KPIM444M-ZVS1048#KPIM444M-ZV21508
4' x 6'6210 (6 sets)#KPIM646M1009#KPIM646M-ZVS1608#KPIM646M-ZV21988
4' x 8'8280 (8 sets)#KPIM848M1209#KPIM848M-ZVS2198#KPIM848M-ZV22468
4' x 10'10350 (10 sets)#KPIM10410M1439
4' x 12'12420 (12 sets)#KPIM12412M1699
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Each KPI-Pyramid Month-Summary kit includes (for each pyramid printed) a set of: 35 FlipOver® 2-sided red-green 2-1/2" triangle magnets and a 2" x 14" magnetic KPI Topic cardholder with card inserts.
Each kit also includes: dry-erase markers, magnetic eraser, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner, lint-free board wipes, a set of 1-1/8"x 2-1/4" magnetic months, magnet storage box, 2 WakTack® extra strong magnets for tacking notes on the board.

** Note: These Month-Summary KPI-Pyramids are 50% larger than the 31-day KPI-Pyramid board models. Read them from 20 feet. They come with larger triangle magnets and don't use circle row magnets.

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Extra FlipOver® 2-sided Red-green 2-1/2" Large Size Triangle Magnet set
for magnetic Month-summary KPI-Pyramid Scoreboards
(Spare or replacement full set of 35)

2-Sided Magnet
Triangle siz
in set
All alikeQty
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
Month-Summary 13" KPI-Pyramid Magnet Set includes: 35 FlipOver 2-sided Red/Green 2-1/2" triangles to fit the 13" KPI-Pyramid image.
Standard size set of 1-1/2" triangle and 5/8" circle magnets to fit the 31-Day 8" KPI-Pyramid.
NOTE: You can order the FlipOver® magnets separately and in other colors at FlipOver.