#LPSR234M 3x4', ten rows, each with 2 sub-rows x 8 posting columns, ready-to-use with magnet signals and supplies   $579

See work-hours or assets (crew, equipment) available, planned and worked through the week (or any time-scale that works for you) with accumulated totals for each production unit, crew or shift. It helps you keep your operation lean, efficient and flexible for maximum productivity by quickly spotting wasted or under-used work-hours and production assets.

Kits include a CD/ROM template to post and calculate each day's updated figures. Print a copy of it to quickly update the board figures. It comes in 2, 3 or 4 sub-row configurations to track sales dollars or other operational numbers, or use them to post notes about the day. They come ready-to-use with everything needed to operate them. Use StatusTracker® for almost any performance scoreboard application where you are posting projected or planned daily performance figures and plotting the actual numbers against them.

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The StatusTracker ScoreBoard
to track 7 day (week or month) hour and asset performance

h x w
Rows (with
Totals Row
Day or
Right End

2-ROW Format (1 open Row + 1 shaded totals sub-row)
4x8'28 or 14**27 or 14**2#LPSR248M1059
3-ROW Format (2 open Rows + 1 shaded totals sub-Row)
4x8'18 or 9**27 or 14**2#LPSR348M1059
4-ROW Format (3 open Rows + 1 shaded totals sub-Row)
4x8'14 or 7**27 or 14**1#LPSR448M1059
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Kits include: CD/ROM spreadsheet template for calculating the daily board figures, dry-erase pens and markers in 4 colors, magnetic eraser / pen holder, 8 oz. pump-spray white board cleaner, large lint-free board wipes, 5/8" dia. FlipOver® 2-sided red / green status magnet symbols, magnetic date, day and month sets, 3/8" circle magnet signals in 10 colors, press-on die-cut letter and number set for heading, lineup tape and a magnet storage box.
** 4' x 8' models have the two 4" x 4" board layouts printed side-by-side on one 4" x 8" board surface. You can use them to track the rows (larger row number) for 7 days (or weeks) or the (smaller row number) for 14 days (or weeks).

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IMPORTANT: Please measure your space for wall-mounting the board. Boards include wall-mounting hardware.

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