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FlashTack® LED Magnet Signal Lights: Blinking or Steady-Glow
Grab attention on MagnaMaps®, Whiteboards and Steel surfaces

It's almost impossible to just walk past a blinking FlashTack LED magnet light
without stopping to see "what's happening." They cling to steel to rivet your attention
wherever you put them. Twist the base to turn it on or off. Batteries included.
1/2" dia. x 3/8"h. in Red, Green, White or Blue. Many Uses*.

It's a light and a magnet. It clings to steel surfaces. Order it with blinking or a Steady-Glow light in white, green, red or blue.

FlashTacks each come with two batteries in place. Replacement batteries available.

To Tack papers, See Extra-Strong WakTack® magnets.

To Clamp papers, See StickAnywhere® MagnaSnap® paper clamps.

On a Stockroom Shelf:
"Time to re-order"
"Inventory count off"
"Stock damage", etc.
On a machine part:
"Needs adjustment"
"Maintenance done"
"Needs calibration", etc.
On fridge, oven or microwave:
"No-No: you're on a diet"
"Clean this oven"
"Dinner's in the freezer", etc.
On magnetic maps:
"New Location"
"Traffic", etc.
Order Here:
FlashTacks® Attention-Getting LED Whiteboard Magnet Lights, 1/2" dia.
Blinking or Steady-Glow, in red, green, blue or white

Price Per Package of 4
One2 - 45 - 910 - 2425 +
LED FlashTack™ Blinking Whiteboard Magnet Lights (includes 2 batteries in each light*)
LED FlashTack™ Steady-Glow™Whiteboard Magnet Lights (includes 2 batteries in each light*)
EXTRA BATTERIES for LED Whiteboard Magnet FlashTacks™. (package of 20)
*Each FlashTack® whiteboard magnet light comes with batteries in place. Each package of 4 also includes 10 extra batteries.
To operate it:
Twist the FlashTacks® base counterclockwise to turn the light on and clockwise to turn it off.

Continuous use battery life: On average, Blinking lights will last 48+ hours and Steady-Glow will last 36+ hours.

LED Magnet FlashTacks® should not be used by or around children under age 7.

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