Magnets for Whiteboards

Magnetic Accessories & Whiteboard Magnets

#CHVideoEnlargeMagnetic Cardholders and Card Inserts with Keying Template
Magnetic Cardholders and Card Inserts

41 sizes in 11 colors, and card inserts in 16 colors

#WAKVideoEnlargeWakTack ® Extra-Strong Multi-Use Tack Magnets
WakTack® Extra-Strong Rare Earth Magnets

Holds 10 paper sheets or 6 oz. of keys on steel surfaces.

#WMDBVideoEnlargeWrite-on Magnets in die-cut sizes
MagnaTags®; Die-Cut Write-on Magnets

44 Sizes to fit whiteboard grids. 17 colors.
Dry and Damp Erase

#FODVideoEnlarge2-Sided FlipOver ® Do-Done ® Symbol Magnets
2-Sided FlipOver®
Magnet Symbols

Turn over green to show red when action is needed.
6 Sizes, 17 colors, Circles & squares

#DUBEnlarge2-Sided FlipOver ® Write-on Die-cut Magnets
2-Sided FlipOver Whiteboard Magnet Strips

Use Damp-Erase or Dry-Erase Pens and Markers

#LDUBVideoEnlarge2-Sided FlipOver ® LongLine ™ Write-on Magnets
LongLine Write-on Magnets

Move a full line of data on one long magnet.
2-Sided. 5 sizes

#WMSBVideoEnlargeWrite-on Magnet Strips
12" & 24" Magnet Strips

Use Damp-Erase or Dry-Erase Pens and Markers

#WABVideoEnlargeGrid-printed write-on Magnet Strips
Grid-printed Whiteboard Magnet Strips

12" long laminated magnets with printed grid
lines to register with the board printed grid lines.
5 grid scales, 10 colors

#SVideoEnlargeDie-Cut Write-on Symbol Magnets
Whiteboard Magnet Symbols and Signals (1 sided)

Flag deadlines, status, bottlenecks, checkpoints
and action points on your whiteboard 17 colors. Many sizes

#XVideoEnlargeIndex Set Whiteboard Magnets
Index Sets; Printed Whiteboard Magnet sets

Sized to fit the whiteboard grids
in either the 1/2" or 1" grid scale.

#CEEnlargeStrong Ceramic Symbol Magnets
Strong Ceramic Whiteboard Magnets

Bright, glossy industrial enamel finish. 6 shapes, 5 colors

#LNDEnlargeIndividual Die-Cut Exact-Letters ® Magnetic or Adhesive
Exact Letter®, Individual Die-Cut Characters

Order just the ones you need. Magnetic or adhesive.
Sizes to 23", 24 Colors, 5 Font styles, Indoors or Out

#CJKVideoEnlargeMagnetic Multiple Document Display ChartJackets ®
Transparent Magnetic Display ChartJackets®

Neatly display and change protected papers. 3 Sizes

#MHVideoEnlargeFlipOver ® Happy-Sad ™ Smiley Magnets
Happy-Sad Magnet FlipOver® Symbols

Turn it over to show how you feel. 3 Sizes.

#WOKVideoEnlargeWhiteboard Dry-Erase Tool Kit
Whiteboard Dry-erase tool & board maintenance Kit

#LTKVideoEnlargeFlashTack ® LED Signal Magnets
LED FlashTacks® Whiteboard Magnet Lights

Blinking or Steady-Glow 4 Colors.

#MMPEnlargeLabelMount ® Magnet in Rolls
LabelMount® Magnet Rolls; 7 colors

Magnetize and color-tag computer labels on warehouse
steel shelves, bins, equipment or your scheduling board.

#MAEnlargeMagnet-Mount ® Adhesive backed Magnet in Rolls
Magnet Rolls: Adhesive-back MagnetMount®

To magnetize signs, almost anything, press-apply
scissor-cut pieces to reverse side. 4 widths, 2 Strengths

#TKPVideoEnlargeTackPoint ® Magnets with Pivot-Pointer ™
TackPoint® Extra-Strong Magnets
with a pivoting PinPointer, 10 colors

For pin-pointing locations on steel board schematics

#TJCEnlargeCard Jackets ™ (Magnetic & Adhesive) and Card Inserts
Transparent Vinyl Card Jackets
for document display

Magnetic, Adhesive-backed or plain. 5 Sizes & edge colors

#TGEnlargeShelf Tag Write On Magnets
Write-on Reusable Magnetic Shelf Tags

Damp-Erase or Dry-Erase 36 Sizes, 17 colors

#PCEnlargeMagnetic SuperClip ™
Magnetic SuperClip

Holds up to 2 lbs. of anything on smooth flat steel surfaces

#HKEnlargeMagnetic Picture, Coat and Utility Hooks
Magnet Hooks; picture, coat & hat, utility, cord

Hang pictures, photos, art, coats & hats... anything
on these magnetic hooks without disfiguring
your steel partitions and walls. 5 Sizes. 4 Styles

#SPMEnlargeSpace-Planners ™ Sheet Magnets
SpacePlanners Magnet Sheet

Scissor-cut magnetic templates "to scale" from these 8" x 11" paper-laminated grid-printed or plain magnet sheets.

#LTMAEnlargeTackMount ™
TackMount Adhesive-backed Magnet Sheet

For magnetizing and mounting graphic images.

#MDEnlargeSets of Magnetic Die Cut letter or Numbers
Sets of Magnetic Die Cut letter or Numbers

They cling tight to steel surfaces, indoors or out. 3 Sizes

#BMEnlargeSets of Block-printed Magnetic Letter or Numbers
Sets of Block-printed Magnetic Letter or Numbers

Printed on pre-spaced magnetic blocks. 4 Sizes

#HDBEnlargeHoldDown ™ Long Bar Magnets for Overlays
Hold-Down Magnetic Long Bar Clamp Sets

Clamp paper, maps or film overlays to flat steel. 5 Sizes

#JFEnlargeJ-Frames Magnetic or Adhesive
J-Frame Photo-Holders magnetic or adhesive

Quickly create your own graphic exhibits. 3 Sizes

#VEnlargeEquipment Symbol Write-on Magnets
Symbolette® Vehicle & Equipment
Map and Whiteboard Magnets

Semi-silhouette printed equipment images

#PFLEnlargeFlow Chart Die-cut Magnets
Write-on Flow Chart Symbol Magnets

#FOSEnlargeFlipOver ® Printed 2-Sided Sign Magnets
FlipOver® FlashSigns

2-sided opposite-word magnets. 3 sizes

#HTUVideoEnlargeGrip-a-Sheet ® Transparent Document display bars
Grip-A-Sheet® transparent sheet display bars

Use on walls, doors, cabinets, any flat surface. 7 Sizes

#AYEnlargeMagnets to fit SafetyCross ® boards
SafetyCross® Magnets

#AVVideoEnlargeSets of Adhesive Die Cut Letter or Numbers
Sets of Adhesive Die Cut Letter or Numbers

Letter custom headings with these. 6 Sizes 6 Colors

#TBBEnlargeMagnet- Title Blanks
Title Blank Magnets

For making magnetic headings and titles