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Sets of die-cut magnetic Letters and
Sets of die-cut magnetic Numbers

*Any smooth steel surface, indoors or out, is your sign-blank
with these flexible magnetic sets.
3 Sizes: 1", 2", 3" & 10 colors in sets of 144 letters or 104 Numbers

Fast & Easy to use: just place them magnetically on your steel whiteboard or any steel surface indoors or out.* Use a strip of tape for alignment. Peel up tape when done. They will cling tight and "lock on" magnetically to the steel surface and become very difficult to slide, but can be lifted off and repositioned easily. Colors are fade-resistant in the sun. Characters are Helvetica type style, full width (even the large letters) for easy reading from a distance, Reuse them over and over for years.

* Except some grades of stainless steel.
Caution: magnetic die-cut characters become brittle and may fracture when flexed or handled in below freezing temperatures but stay functional if left undisturbed.

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Die-Cut Magnetic Letter Sets and Number Sets
SizePrice per set
Same Size-OK to mix colors

One2 - 45 +
Die-Cut Sets of 144 LETTERS**
Die-Cut Sets of 104 NUMBERS***
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**Letter Set Includes:
8 each: A D I N O R S T
4 each: B F G H K L M P Q U V W X Y Z
12 each: E
6 each: C
2 each: J
8 each: , .
4 each: ? !
***Number Set includes:
16 each: 0 1
12 each: 2 5
8 each: 3 4 6 7 8 9
8 each: , . $ !