#NNW723M 2x3' two 7-Day Weeks, ready-to-use with magnets and supplies   $419

This system will probably get more attention from your team than anything in your operation. Write on it and use magnets. Post the current schedule on top and the plans below. To Update - at week-end just switch the magnetic week headings and change the magnetic dates. Use the 5 magnetic cardholder colors and 10 card insert colors (50 combinations) to group the types and class of activity for quick identification, and the 10 magnetic signals colors to show last-minute status changes. Includes the card-keying template for a handsome professional display.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

To Tack papers on these boards, See Extra-Strong WakTack® magnets.

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Dry-erase tools
Dry-erase tools
2x3'8" x 7"#NNW523M$419#NNW523T$309
3x4'14" x 9-3/8"#NNW534M579#NNW534T419
2x3'8" x 5"#NNW723M$419#NNW723T$309
3x4'14" x 6-3/4"#NNW734M579#NNW734T419
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Dry-Erase tools include: dry-erase pens & markers in 4 colors, magnetic eraser / pen holder, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner / conditioner, large lint-free board wipes, and a Magnetic This Week / Next Week set.
Magnet system includes: Dry-erase tools, magnetic date and month set, Magnetic cardholders in 5 colors, card inserts perforated in letter-size sheets in 10 colors, Letter-Easy card insert CD/ROM card-keying templates, magnet status signals in 10 colors, and a magnet storage box.

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IMPORTANT: Please measure your space for wall-mounting the board. Boards include wall-mounting hardware.

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