#OSC5346M . 4' x 6' (top) 400 names. Read from 4 ft.

#OSC58534M , 3' x 4' (left) 100 names, Read from 10 ft. ................ #OSC13848M , 4' x 8' (right) 200 names Read across the room
Ready-to-use kits with magnets and supplies
About our MagnaLux® Whiteboard
Surface and BoldLyne Frames

With colorful, eye-catching magnets, these handsome MagnaStaffer® organizational charts visually display at-a-glance your staff structure, interrelationships, ranks, authority matrix, seniorities, responsibilities and daily status for each person in your organization. Everything is magnetic and movable, with multiple color-code combinations. It's as flexible as your imagination.

Fast and Easy to Set up and Maintain: The Ghost-White 1/2" background alignment grid lets you quickly and accurately outline department groupings and authority lines with PreciseLine® tapes including printed authority arrow tapes, with perfect spacing, counts and alignment the first time you try it.

You can see the Ghost-White background alignment grid up close but it "disappears" when you stand back a little. The magnetic cardholder nameplates in 5 colors and cards in 10 colors give you up to 50 color combination codes for instant visual location of ranks, positions, assignments, seniority or other classifications. More cardholder and card colors are available. Key handsomely printed data to the cards in different type sizes on the same card with the card-keying template. Write directly on the heat-fused printed porcelain-like steel dry-erase whiteboard too, in 4 colors.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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The MagnaStaffer® Board
Magnetic Organizational Chart Kits
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h x w
with Magnets &
chart supplies
Read from 4 feet: uses 1/2" x 3" magnetic cardholders with up to 18 pt. bold type
2' x 3'40#OSC5323M$509
3' x 4'150#OSC5334M739
4' x 4'250#OSC5344M999
4' x 6'400#OSC5346M1109
4' x 8'700#OSC5348M1559
4' x 10'850#OSC53410M1839
4' x 12'1000#OSC53412M2109
Read from 10 feet: uses 5/8" x 5" magnetic Cardholders with up to 40 pt. bold type
2' x 3'30#OSC58523M$509
3' x 4'100#OSC58534M739
4' x 4'150#OSC58544M999
4' x 6'250#OSC58546M1109
4' x 8'350#OSC58548M1559
4' x 10'500#OSC585410M1839
4' x 12'650#OSC585412M2109
Read Across Room: uses 1-3/8" x 8" magnetic Cardholders with up to 90 pt. bold type
3' x 4'50#OSC13834M$739
4' x 4'80#OSC13844M999
4' x 6'120#OSC13846M1109
4' x 8'200#OSC13848M1559
4' x 10'250#OSC138410M1839
4' x 12'300#OSC138412M2109
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Systems Include: a framed porcelain-like steel white board with heat-fused Ghost-White "disappearing" 1/2" background alignment grid, a magnetic cardholder for each staff name in 5 colors (10 colors for systems of 250+ names), larger magnetic cardholders for dept. names, managers, etc., card inserts perforated in letter-size sheets of 10 colors, ** Letter-Easy card insert lettering system with PC templates, a large magnetic cardholder with cards for master board title, magnetic 3/8" or 1/2" status signals in 10 colors, bold line tapes in 2 widths in 2 to 4 colors, magnet storage box, dry-erase bullet-point pens in 4 colors, magnetic eraser / pen holder, 8 oz. pump-spray board cleaner, and large lint-free board wipes.
* Working capacity shown allows for about 15% expansion room, depending on your staff chart design layout.

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IMPORTANT: Please measure your space for wall-mounting the board. Boards include wall-mounting hardware.

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