#PHO23 2x3' displays approximately 20 (vertical or horizontal ) 4x6" snapshot-sized photos, ready-to-use with supplies   $299

3" deep overlapping crystal-clear transparent slot-pockets spaced 1" apart extend the full width of the PhotosUP® board. Insert snap-shot sized photos anywhere on the board. Position, reposition, and slide them sideways until you get exactly the exhibit arrangement you want. The flat transparent slot-pockets hold the bottom 3" of the photo with the rest extending above the pocket, but you view the entire photo. Lift any photo off the board for closer viewing and reinsert it in any position. Photos remain undamaged. To add new photos, just reposition or remove the old ones to make more room.

Available in 8 board sizes from 1-1/2' x 2' to 4 x 8' to accommodate almost any photo display requirement. They are ruggedly built, light weight and easy to display on the wall or easels. Each PhotosUP board comes with press-on removable photo caption labels in 1, 2 and 3 line sizes plus 2x8" cards for board or photo group titles. It also includes a card-keying template for neat photo captions.

Caution: PhotoUP® boards are designed for use indoors in normal room temperatures. Do not display PhotosUP® boards outdoors, in direct sunlight or in areas with excessive heat, cold or humidity.

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The PhotosUP® Boards
Instant Photo Exhibit Display Boards
h x wApprox.*
4"h x 6"w
4"h x 6"w *
down x acr.
3" deep

18" x 24"124 x 31223"#PHO82$179
2' x 3'204 x 51735"#PHO23299
3' x 2'248 x 32723"#PHO32299
3' x 4'568 x 72747"#PHO34399
4' x 3'5511 x 53635"#PHO43399
4' x 4'7711 x 73647"#PHO44579
4' x 6'12111 x 113671"#PHO46739
4' x 8'16511 x 153695"#PHO48929
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Kit includes: PhotosUP® display board with wall hanger set, press-on die-cut removable photo caption labels (1/4" x 3", 3/8" x 3" and 1/2" x 3"), and 2" x 8" board or photo-group title cards on letter-size sheets to fit desktop printers, and a card insert lettering system with PC template for keying the labels and title cards.
* PhotosUP® will exhibit snap-shot size photos in vertical or horizontal display mode up to about 6" high x any length. The number of photos that can be displayed will vary depending on the photo size, orientation (h x w), and arrangement. The capacity shown is approximate for a normal display of 4" x 6" photos displayed in horizontal mode. If displayed vertically or in mixed mode the capacity could be less. Photos can be more closely arranged or overlapped to increase display capacity. Just keep repositioning them until you get the display that you want.

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Caution Note: If photos are left displayed for long periods of time they may curl or droop, depending on the quality of the photo print paper. Do not display curled, warped photos or overlaps of more than 2 photos on PhotosUP as they may distort the pockets.
IMPORTANT: Please measure your space for wall-mounting the board. Boards include wall-mounting hardware.

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