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No wall space for a bulletin or white board, or worse yet, nobody stops to read your wall bulletin board? Displaying important information so everyone will see it when the nearest wall may be yards away, is a challenge. You can try large free standing boards on rolling stands, but they can block critical lines of sight and can only be viewed from one side at a time. The answer is take it OFF THE WALL and display it on one of these patented hands-on RotoCube® free standing rotating kiosk bulletin display towers where it attracts attention and intrigues everyone passing by. Place it right in the middle of the traffic stream. The display kiosk tower can be viewed from 4 sides without crowding, does not block the view and turns silently in either direction with just a finger-touch. Optional floor anchors and Roll-Around wheels are available. Ships secured to a pallet, boxed, assembled and ready-to use.

Note: RotoCube® Towers are designed for indoor use only.

Manufacturing Production Manager..."We post different information on each side, safety, housekeeping, productivity, quality and continuous improvement objectives. The location of the information is very important. People won't look at a board if they cannot get to it easily. Because it is freestanding we can move the RotoCube® to the best location within a work cell which makes it the best choice for this type of information. We saw them in another plant. They worked out so well there that we tried them and are happy with the results."

- Production supervisor,
Manufacturer of auto parts, Battle Creek MI

Design Your Rotocube®

Panel Style*Price
per side
Side 1Side 2Side 3Side 4
Plain White-W$249
1" Rows-H1$274
1" x 2" Grid-G12$274
3 Columns-CO3$274
5 Columns-CO5$274
7 Day Week Mon-Sun-MS$274
5 Day Week-MF$274
31 Day Calendar-CA1$274
2 Month Calendar-CA2$274
3 Month Calendar-CA3$274
In-Out Board-IOM$319
31 Day SafetyCross®-SFCD$319
12 Month SafetyCross®-SFCM$319
52 Week Safety Cross®-SFCW$319
ChartView w/ Jackets-CHM$309
8 Hr. Production Rate-PRA8$289
12 Hr. Production Rate-PRA12$289
1 ThermoChart-TCH1$319
2 ThermoChart-TCH2$349
KPI-Pyramid Scoreboard-KPI$349
KPI-Pyramid Month Summary-KPIM1$349
KPI-Pyramid 2 Month Summary-KPIM2$349
CardView® File w/ cards-KYV$309
T-Scan® w/T-Cards-TCK$469
CorkTack Bulletin-CK$269
FabricTack® Bulletin-FB$289
Perfect Writing-GL$274
1/2" Ghost Grid-GG5$274
RotoCube®Bulletin Tower
Optional Accessories:
Locking Casters
#RC-WHEELS Set of 4
* Price of the complete RotoCube®
is the total of the 4 side panel prices
Notice: RotoCubes® are designed for use on smooth flat solid floor surfaces. If placed on floors with uneven ceramic tiles, carpets, slanted or other uneven floor surfaces, they could wobble and require either floor anchoring or being placed on a smooth level floor pad covering. Feet are adjustable for height and each RotoCube® comes with optional floor anchors.

Shipped on pallets. RotoCube® weight = 70-75 lbs, shipping weight = 140 lbs.

For larger RotoCube® SEE 34" w, RotoCube® Island.

* All RotoCube® white side panels are magnetic steel.
FabricTack®, CorkTack®, Mirror and CardView® side panels are not magnetic.