Row-Printed Magnetic Whiteboard kits

Rows make it easy to post and read an orderly display.

Magnatag® row-printed magnetic whiteboard kits are in various formats, each addressing a specific need such as reducing errors when reading rows, neat writing alignment, etc.

They are wonderful for quickly creating your own easily changeable special board design by taping vertical columns over the printed rows and bars with the kit's PreciseLine® whiteboard tape. Kits include all the optional magnets and supplies needed to operate them.

#SHEnlargeShadeLine ® Row Printed Whiteboards
U-Design-It® ShadeLine® Whiteboards

Create your own chart by taping vertical lines
over the alternating soft-gray shaded rows. 9 Sizes

#HREnlargeHorizontal-Lined Whiteboards
Row-Printed Magnetic WhiteBoards

7 row-spacings from intense 1/2" to broad 2". 5 Sizes

#DGEnlargeU-Design-It ® ChartMaker ® Whiteboard Kit
ChartMaker® U-Design-IT® All-purpose kits

Create your own layout by taping vertical
columns over the printed horizontal row lines. 8 Sizes

#GLEnlargePerfect-Writing ® Boards with Ghost Guidelines
Perfect-Writing® Whiteboards

with "disappearing" Ghost-White Guidelines. 6 Sizes

#MUSTEnlargeMusic Staff WhiteBoards
Music Staff Dry-Erase Magnetic Whiteboards

4 Sizes, each with 4 staffs