#RWB38P46M 4x6' 3 port-rigged 8+ shells ready-to-use board with magnets and supplies   $579

How do you solve the complex problem of which rowers will move the boat fastest? As you know, each rower is unique, so the combination of rowers to make a boat are endless. These Crew-Boating magnetic whiteboards make setting boats for practices and races fast and easy, letting you make changes by simply moving magnetic rower cardholder nameplates. Write on the board too with the dry-erase pens. Select from 5 board sizes for both port and starboard rigged boats. Each board comes with all the carefully selected magnets and supplies needed to operate it. Choose either a wall-mounted board or a RollAround stand model you can roll to the front of the boathouse for your pre-practice pep talk.

When your careful deliberations about who will sit in what seat and in what boat is done, your final selections will be waiting for the rowers to see. As dawn breaks and your rowers roll out of bed in anticipation of the morning workout, they'll rush to The Crew-Boating Board in the boathouse to instanly see if they made the boat.

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Note: Consider custom-printing a board with your full-color logo, watermark, message or design. Thousands have.

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The Crew-Boating Board
h x wShellsType
Wall Mounted
RollAround Stand
Port Rigged
3' x 2'14+#RWB14P32M$369
3' x 4'24+#RWB24P34M509#RWB24P34M-ZVS888
4' x 3'18+#RWB18P43M509#RWB18P43M-ZVS888
4' x 6'38+#RWB38P46M579#RWB38P46M-ZVS1178
4' x 8'48+#RWB48P48M999#RWB48P48M-ZVS1988
Starboard Rigged
3' x 2'14+#RWB14S32M$369
3' x 4'24+#RWB24S34M509#RWB24S34M-ZVS888
4' x 3'18+#RWB18S43M509#RWB18S43M-ZVS888
4' x 6'38+#RWB38S46M579#RWB38S46M-ZVS1178
4' x 8'48+#RWB48S48M999#RWB48S48M-ZVS1988
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Kits Include: 1-3/8" x 4" Cardholders (red for port rowers, green for starboard rowers, yellow for switch side rowers, and black for coxswains and boat names), Card inserts to fit cardholders in 10 colors, Write-on tools (pens, markers, eraser, board cleaner and wipes), and adhesive lettering to put a heading on the board.

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IMPORTANT: Please measure your space for wall-mounting the board. Boards include wall-mounting hardware.

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